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Conundrums of Connectivity!

Divas: pictured is a dress by Geoffrey Beane created in the early 50’s, I believe.  It has nothing to do with the musings below.  I just like it because he has combined silk (charmeuse?) with wool jersey, and broken at least two rules of mine.  He uses the drapey silk through the waist and bust, an area where the conforming wool jersey would have been my logical choice.  And, the lighter of the fabrics is used through the waist and bust.  Oh my goodness!  Was he asleep in design classes???  Isn’t that all totally backwards?  Yet, he’s the master and I’m not. heheheheheh, something to think about.  Note to self:  break out of your box!!!!!

Now to the issues we face:  Connecting for our conference call tomorrow.

Through many trials and errors, Els, Georgene and I were finally able to have a conferene call:  yes!  all three of us in on one conversation via the headsets.  Oh lalalalalalala, we can talk!  However, we are none to sure how we’ve done that!

First, phone conversation between “zorgene” and “mb” was established and we invited “nowhere_els” to join.  Ah, poor Els!  she couldn’t get in!  sob

So “zorgene” entered a “Chat Room”, I believe.  This opened a window where text messenging was possible as well as the ability to see who was in the chat and an audio bar with green lines and name to indicate who was talking!  Sooooo cool!

Hint, put a check mark in the “hands free” box or you will have to hold down the “talk button”.  This worked great and we then puzzled through how to leave a message via the Instant Messenger with Voice.  Zorgene called Gigi and we all tried to leave a message for her even though she was “off line”.  We’ll have to wait for her report to see if she could hear the roar of the crowd on her message Image

Next we investigated how to connect all our individual pictures and pages to each other so we can write test arfticles and leave helpful and insightful comments for each other concerning the articles.  We can use the blog feature of Yahoo 360 to develop articles and maybe even decide layout.

However, we 3 Divas became all tied up in blue trying to understand it all and disconnected from each other  to go our separate ways to study and learn how to use this new technology to present ourselves to the world!

Along with prayers for peace, add prayers for conversation, tomorrow, with headsets, and all patience to accomplish.

Should I come up with the exact method for doing our conference call, I’ll try to report.  Image


Editorial notes:  I tried using bright blue fonts for the Note to Self and it was unreadable.  I also used light blue in the highlighted “tied up in blue” and it made the words also unreadable.  I believe it is because of the brown background of this “hills” theme I have chosen for the blog.  I believe that I will have to change the “theme” to get new colors and a better chance at publishing legible blogs.



About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Hi MaryBeth, that dress is gorgeous. I am wondering too how this dress is made with the silk as the mid part and the wool jersey hanging from the shoulders and the waist. Maybe he used boning at the side seams of the silk and is the silk fabric stitched to an interfacing part to keep upper part not growing, and of course a waiststay so the weight of the dress will not enlarge. Thanks for showing and it definite helps to step out of the box., Like you I would do the reverse silk for the upper and lower part and the jersey for the mid section.

  2. I LOVE your brown background! Hills, indeed! You are way ahead of me – you actually have a blog. I have enjoyed looking at your work. Talk about fascinating machinery! Whoa. I’m with you on the Geoffrey Beene dress. I adore him but also would have done it exactly the opposite. He obviously wasn’t designing that dress for someone with my thick middle. 😉 Of course, ladies were a lot smaller waisted in the 50s because of all the shapewear.

  3. Gigi: I am amazed that you have taken the time to post a comment. Thank you! Els: I believe that there was a description with this dress or something that has led me to believe that it is all “soft construction” with no blining and a lining for the silk mid-section as the only inner support. Now, I could be wronnngggg…o)

  4. I had to take the day off. No choice as I’m getting a little punchy! The cats and I have been napping. I’m a little ashamed, actually.

  5. No shame in self preservation! Having been subjected to 100 hr weeks I know you have to nap…purrrrrrrr


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