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Welcome to The Stitchery

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This is my personal world, my own space where I sew, embroider, machine knit and dream. Really, it’s an old 1950’s ranch house set near the intersection of a state highway and a busy local road. I inhabit it whenever I can. And when here I work as quickly as possible or dream as long as necessary.

I also use it as my office. It’s a vast improvement over using my home as the site of my wild activities! Besides just not having the clutter around 24 x 7, I am uninterrupted by friendly neighbors who think that if I’m home I must be unoccupied. I’m not convinced that working from the home is widely seen as really working, no matter what the labor statistics and experts say.

It is usually a mess here at The Stitchery. The tables are covered in the project underway or projects to be assembled, the machines are surrounded with notions and gadgets, the floors covered in threads. I try very hard to clean after a project is finished, putting everything away, and swiffering the floors but sometimes the projects are pushed into each other and then survival is a matter of time.

My husband laughed at me after I bought this place, “Ha ha! Now you’ve got two places to clean!” He was, of course, correct. However, I also don’t have any visitors here at this point in time. Eventually I hope to entertain clients but at the moment it’s mine, all mine, and I do as I please. Very unusual, eh?

The neighbors have finally become used to the fact that when I’m here, I’m working. Some day I may welcome real people but right now, cyber visitors are the only kind I want. Am I a hermit? No, but I am working. Really!

This is the resident Westie, constant companion, and Chief of Security: Gaely GoLightly. She is sure to spy any squirrels, rabbits, and lizards that might wander by. A sweet, cheerful individual, she reminds me to smile and take time to play.


Welcome to The Stitchery.
Come on in and make yourself comfortable. I hope you enjoy the time you spend here. We’re not fancy but we do like using real silver and china when we take a break and we love fine fabrics and craftsmanship!


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. I’m so jealous! And I love Gaeley. What a cutie!

  2. Cyber visitors are glad to see what you are up to. Good luck with the knitting machine projects. It’s so satisfying to make your own cloth.

  3. Thanks MaryBeth for inviting us and the warm welcome to the Stitchery.
    Your place looks lovely and being your own boss there you can decide to clutter or swiffer as you like.
    Gaely looks like a cute companion.
    Good luck with finding the right colours yarn for your next personal project.

  4. *sigh* – an entire building to myself – now that would be luxury!

  5. OMG, it’s just as I pictured it would be! How wonderful to have an entire house to yourself!

  6. You have a whole house just for fiber arts! Wow.

  7. Lisa: For 3 years I was doing all the company sewing, personal sewing, commercial embroidery, and company managing out of two spare bedrooms in our home. It just got too overgrown! Production at any speed, forget efficient, was almost impossible and the embroidery machine was stuck in a closet where it could not be accessed for maintenance. I managed to carve out a tiny sewing room at the company but there just wasn’t an appropriate place for the embroidery and most of the office equipment. Soooo, since the car was paid off and mortgage payments were low, yes, my bought own house!

  8. And I was excited to move my sewing gear from the garage into the laundry room… 😛

  9. Wow, what glorious luxury–it relaxes me just to look at it. Congratulations, MB, and well done!

  10. Mary Beth, I’m so happy for you….a glorious and peaceful hide-a-way to work and think without any distractions. I’m glad I can find you here since I will miss you on PR.

  11. Mary Beth, I can’t imagine having my own house for my sewing/fiber obsession/compulsion! That would be like going to Heaven!

    I’m so happy for you!–>

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  13. Hi
    I was directed here from PR as I am new to machine kniting and i am having problems with getting the most out of my electronic SIlver Reed and DesignaKnit.

    How great your Retreat/Work site sounds. I also work with my husband, he’s in plumbing and its a big business, and so 90% of my time is occupied with mundane acct receivable/payable issues. Leaves little time for my real love creating clothes and kniting that are just as beautiful as they are comfortable and look great.

    i thought i might start a little boutique line (i make a mean pair of jeans) as i have the entire upstairs room to work from, but this hasn’t worked so far as having only an hour before i have to pick up kids from school means i make little progress. i brought it all home and it is spread across numerous rooms.

    I am looking forward to reading more of your tidbits and treasures.


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