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Gaultier’s Heavy Model

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I wish the outfit had been more becoming: the stocking do nothing more than play up very heavy thighs. This “commentary” could have been so much more enlightening and positive but instead it was, to my eye, rude, uncultured, uncouth and a visual wrecking of potential beauty.

Bleh on that bad boy!!! I’m miffed.

Photo by the Daily Mail.

The writer at the Daily Mail didn’t know his/her sizing very well. If she’s a 20 then I’m an 8, or has RTW gone completely super-sized?

More “news” of the runway show can be found here Link to Reuters coverage of the show.


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  1. The costume (it’s not really clothes) strikes me as a joke in poor taste. Why couldn’t she have been dressed in real, flattering clothes?

  2. Wow, I don’t even know what to say.

  3. This sure makes me feel better about my thighs.

  4. I found it offensive, like he was making fun of her.

  5. Well said, Mary Beth. When I saw your title, I thought, how nice, a major designer using a plus-size model. In actuality, how demeaning to women in general to victimize this woman in this particular outfit. Truly tasteless. On a more positive note, love reading your blog!

  6. Wow. I have so many questions about this. Were there any other models wearing over the top lingerie? Is he planning to offer this to a plus size lingerie shopper? I would be totally horrified if this model is the only one wearing anything like this, and his motivation was to say to the world “large women can’t do runway”.

    This is really interesting. Thanks for sharing Mary Beth.

  7. Was he saying Big could be sexy? Even if sexy is the cliched “hooker” peinoir? I don’t know for sure she is not invisible. Not my style but nobody said runway shows are reality either.

  8. Gaultier has always used plus-size women (notice I didn’t say “plus-size models”) in his couture shows. I remember back in the 90s it caused quite the furor in Vogue and Bazaar that he did so. But he also put them in much more flattering outfits. I’m recalling a corseted gown that made the model look totally va-va-voom.

  9. Thx for that info, Ann! I was not fashion focused in the 90’s so didn’t know his history. Not to say I’m happy with him right now, though. Maybe I just don’t know his viewpoint well enough. I can create “bad art” accidently, too, so I can forgive if this was just a “bad art” moment (wish I could have been there to advise!!!)


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