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Waechter’s Silk Shop

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Work, Home, Family Time and the Boatbuilder’s Rule Has Not Prevented Fabric, Notions and Knitting Book Accumulation

Whew! Where does the time go? I have done some fantastic sewing in my mind, only in my mind. I’m sure every sewist knows what I’m talking about. I should stop dreaming about it and get back to it, remembering the boatbuilder’s rule about estimating time to accomplish any task: Do your best estimate, times that by 2 and add a half. That’s the boatbuilder’s rule and I had forgotten it when faced with the shutters.

We had to spend 2 days restoring the shutters so Sunday was a workday but at the home. On Monday I had to work at the company so no time at The Stitchery. Tuesday a family member parked their motor home in our driveway for a visit which was truncated early by our Wednesday afternoon departure for a furniture delivery in another state. We towed a 20′ trailer and delivered at the customer’s specified time, off-loading beautiful but heavy solid maple shelves, both stock and custom design. Fortunately we had dollies and six volunteers to help get the shelving up a hill steep hill to the classroom building.

The delivery trip took 3 days and on the way back we stopped at Waechter’s Silk Shop. I haven’t made anything new for me in quite a while and many tops are looking worn so I was looking for great quality fine printed cotton and silks so that the work I do in creating new blouses would be wearable for years.

The photos below are taken directly from Waechter’s great online site.

This is the major splurge: a Liberty cotton lawn that feels like silk. The colors will allow a blouse that will coordinate with many different pants and skirts although it is more “floral” than I usually choose. So, OK, I’m coloring outside the lines but sometimes that’s important to do.

This is an Italian cotton lawn that after washing is almost as silky as the Liberty lawn. The piece I bought has a navy background.

I went looking for silks because they adapt so well to the ambient temperatures that often no second layer is required to be comfortable while working.

This is a crepe de chine in periwinkle, a favorite color, with multi-colored Lady Bugs, My Very Favorite Bug!

And finally, I snagged a silk broadcloth that should make up nicely and go well with grey wool slacks. The print is angels and sheet music, rather appropriate for the holidays as well.

All of these fabrics are both lady-like and durable, my requirements for a working wardrobe.

It was terribly hard to avoid taking more home: fabulous cottons, fancy silks, wool suitings, all needing a good home…Sigh. If you have spent some time on the Waechter’s online store than you know the dilemma I faced!

The shop carries many indie patterns so I was able to eyeball the new Connie Crawford and Saf-T-Pockets patterns. Waechter’s had a sample made up of the skirt from Connie’s new “Pinwheel” pattern (B2130)and said that the pattern was technically perfect and easy to sew.

No sample of the Saf-T-Pockets top was available in the store but a sales team member said she had made the top and the neckline was great (I agree, it does look great). She also said she didn’t face the neckline per the pattern’s instructions but just finished the edges with a small hem. The gathered neckline insert joins the straight back neckline at the shoulders.

They also have most of the patterns by Decades of Style. They were fascinating but not on my list at the moment. I did buy the new Athena Two pattern by LaFred

I have some lovely, stiffer fabrics that would make up well using this pattern.

That’s one of the great things about visiting this shop: they have the fabrics in the store, the new patterns and many of them already paired up and hanging on display. The sales team wear their own fashions made from the shop’s goods as well. Lovely! A home sewist’s haven!

I also nabbed up two of the 9″ hex frames from Ghee’s for purses. Waechter’s had the most darling black and white tweed purse made up using these frames. I took the plunge as I love that the purse is opened and stays open until you shut it using these frames with no flaps to fiddle with.

Finally, one of the machine knitting lists I subscribe to has had a lively discussion of St John’s knits and Chanel-style suits this past week and one of the list members who also has had a machine knitting shop posted that she has books by David Miles in stock which give many of the St John’s patterns! Ah-ha! One is now winging it’s way to me.

My pursuit of fashion has not been hampered by all this preoccupation with duty. Whew!


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Wow, sounds like you had some fun! I’m interseted to know the title of the book with the St. John patterns. For machine knitters only? I’m wondering in what format the patterns are given. Hopefully there is schemata with specifications…

  2. Oh Mary, did you have to post that link to Waetchter’s??? You knew I was looking for fabrics for those parrty dresses … oh my … this is really bad! Guess I know where the money I saved on that serger is going, right?

  3. MaryBeth, looks like you had a great time combining work duties and fabric shopping.
    Hope your work load does allow you some time off to transform the nice fabrics into new garments and a bag of two.Knitting a Chanel style suit sounds promising.

  4. Lucky you! What gorgeous fabrics. I love just about everything Liberty makes.

    Hope we will see pictures of the finished garments in due course!

  5. Groan–they have nice stuff! Danger, Will Robinson, danger.–>


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