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Via the Nov 24 entry on the excellent blog, fiftyRx3, comes the Grist article linked above on the state of organic cotton growing in the US.

It seems we aren’t growing cotton because it costs too much so cotton growing has moved overseas where labor is cheap and the chemicals can fall like rain.

I’ve never grown cotton. At one time I grew and processed most of the food my husband and I ate, taking customer orders over the cordless phone while weeding or canning. We first farmed a little more than an acre that was cleared forest, never before farmed and we had great results although the weeds were constantly threatening to overtake everything. But then we moved to a different piece of land in the same area and the garden there would produce almost nothing. I found out later that the “garden spot” had been part of a truck farm for maybe 20 years. Only a handful of fertilizer would persuade anything to grow in that soil. It was used up and needed years of recuperative cover cropping and chicken manure to restore the ground’s fertility.

Further reading via the BBC News concerning the effects of pollution on the ability to feed a nation:

Pollution ‘Reducing Rice Harvest’


The End of India’s Green Revolution?

Right in line with the thinking around The Stitchery today.


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  1. Check out the Desert of Maine.
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    We’ve got to take care of the land.


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