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Closet CO2 – What’s in your Stash?

Click on the link above to go to the article written by Meaghan O’Neill and for week 4 of the Slate Green Challenge.

Greenhouse gases, and noxious gases in general, have been on my mind this morning…it all started with a news story about the American Airlines flight on it’s way to Texas that had to make an emergency landing in Nashville.

The passengers complained of a suspicious smell of matches burning. The plane was emptied and the cabin searched: burnt paper matches were found around the seat of one passenger, a woman, who had been striking them to cover her own emissions of gas. Well, everyone was allowed back on the plane, except for this hapless fool. It is unknown were she ended up but no charges were filed. Honestly, this gaseous and sulfuric attack might have gone unnoticed had we not had 9/11 to wake us up.

The Supreme Court heard arguments on Nov 29, 2006 in the case of Massachusetts vs. Environmental Protection Agency, 05-1120, concerning whether the EPA could be required to regulate tail pipe emission of gases under the regulatory provision of the Clean Air Act. See the San Francisco Chronicle article for an easy to read analysis of the issues before the court. Here’s the PDF of the arguments, an informative read for those looking for the types of questions posed by the justices:

We shall see what the court decides. The Court won’t decide the validity of scientific research and the feds don’t want to have to implement emissions standards, and the Bush-brigade wants to push hydrogen power (without a clue how to deliver this fuel to the citizenry). I’m praying for the wisdom of all leaders and decision makers and citizens across the world. That’s the best thing I can do, except to write and possibly ignite (pun intended).

I drive a Honda Insight with the lowest tail pipe gas emissions available commercially. It is no longer going to be produced due to lack of demand. I love the car, except in extreme weather, and my average monthly gasoline bills of $25.00. However there is a limit to the weight the vehicle can accomodate and still meet the standards of performance and economy: 325 lbs. Believe me, that’s the driver, the passenger, the dog, the purse and maybe a bag of groceries and we’re over weight limit. Obviously, the purse needs a good cleaning! But I am usually alone with the dog and can totally fill two shopping carts with groceries and get them all into this little car. It suits me perfectly.

But my car is going the way of the Dodo bird because the push has been changed from electric cars. Please see Who Killed The Electric Car

But back to the stash: buy organic cotton, if you can find it. We don’t grow much. Citizens in the South are used to thinking about picking cotton and many families have cotton picking in their family stories. But what was once a common thread in Southern life has become the function of machines, chemicals and limited land areas.

For more information and current bloggings from the fashion-minded:

Check out one of my favorite business blogs, The Organic Cotton Story, written by Danielle of finalfashion fame.

Kathleen Fasanella at Fashion-Incubator, ever curious and insistent on truth in functional reality, has been blogging about the cotton growing around her in New Mexico.

It All Starts Here Pt 1
It All Starts Here Pt 2
It All Starts Here Pt 3
It All Starts Here Pt 4

I’ve condensed volumes of information into this little blog, mostly through using links (I deeply appreciate the linkor’s publications), and given you lots to think about, if you wish.

Back to sewing, then.



About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. The whole gas car thing just makes me sick. Bah. I’d love to have a electric car, and organic denim too. Non-organic cotton is such an environmentally destructive crop and every pair of jeans a crime. Sigh.

  2. Makes you appreciate the few fabric vendors who make an effort to stock such fabrics. There is a vendor that I have often seen (but memory is forbidding access to the name … Hemp Traders, maybe?) and nwo even wazoodle is carrying limited items. Too bad I have so much stash to go through first!

    I would love to have an electric car. Up here the SMART cars are a big hit. You see lots on the road and the wait list for them is very long … too bad that isn’t in the budget either! We have our Subaru wagon (I am a rugby Mom without a van or SUV and proud of it!).

  3. Thanks for the link Mary Beth! The Organic Cotton Story must be finding its voice.

    We just saw Who Killed The Electric Car the other night. I just spent 4.5 hours on the bus/subway/streetcar today carrying way too much stuff… wish I could afford an electric car. My family loves Hondas too.

    Oh, and a source for organic fabrics for homesewing is Nearsea Naturals. Haven’t shopped there myself, though. They have some organic trim too, I think.


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