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Shameless Awakening BWOF 12/2006 #112

I’ve basted together the muslin of BWOF 12/2006, #112. The basting will be removed and the garment made up with the appropriate alterations however, I don’t think I’ll use this pattern for the Fur Ball. There’s every chance that with my sloping shoulders wrapped in pale gold lace and my round middle-ness wrapped in shiny metal someone would mistake me for an unexploded bomb. Can’t risk that!

I wouldn’t wear this dress outside of my house. But when you think about it I must be dedicated to education and experimentation: I’ll show you, all of you out there in cyberspace and not my friends and neighbors here in town. What if someone who doesn’t know me gets the wrong impression?

But here, oddly shameless as I am, I’ll let you be the judge:

Height: 5′ 2.25″
Weight: Uh Uh, not going there. Even I have my limits.

Size 46 cut and sewn with 5/8″ seams. The only alteration was to remove 6″ from the length at about the knee area.



With 3″ removed via quick machine basting right at underbust area the godet is raised to a more pleasing height. It could go even higher to my eye.



I did so want to get away from the empire that I have been required to wear most of my life and today makes me feel like one of those faeiries from a medival play but it seems to just be my style.


I also think that I’d rather be more covered up in the neck and chest. And, yes, that was a vanity assessment! Now pass me those shoulder pads….

Adjust and Cope, Adjust and Cope.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. MB, I think you look hot in that style! Really. I mean it!
    I agree that it’s best to avoid metallics. How about a nice silk crepe???

  2. I have to agree with Anne, MB. I really like that neckline on you and the princess seams are very elongating, especially with the empire line. I think that having that temporary fold of fabric emphasizes the line even more. That won’t be there in the final product. I also really like how you accented the back bodice and sleeves with the contrast. Maybe this is a way to use some nice lace or a velvet that is tone on tone with the final fabric? As for the skin factor, I wouldn’t bring in the sides any further than the princess seaming. Really not a lot, but it could be enough with a wrap. Or maybe a really lux version of the coat you did up in the wool?

  3. When I clicked on to your blog, my first thought was “Ooo, hot stuff!” I think you look wonderful. That salmon colour looks amazing on you. I really like the contrast fabric – it brings the eye up to focus on your face and neck.

  4. Wow, well I must have just “lost it” thinking about being encased in metallics, HomeLand Security and all, you know. LOL!

  5. Oh yeah! Everyone else is right. This is very, very nice! I worry about metallics too, but hey, it will be night time, not middle of the day, outside with the sun shining on you. The overall silhouette is perfect, and I love the godet in the back.

  6. Wow! Do you look ever fabulous in that dress. Even the folded up fabric does not detract much from how NICE the dress looks on you. The Empire line is obviously good for you (even though it is normal to chafe at the styles we seem eternally condemned to wear) and I love the contrast at the sleeves. I wouldn’t bring them in much further — this is flattering as it is and only a little smidge of adjustment is needed. I also agree that the godet come up a litle more to make a more pleasing line, although, admittedly, it might add to the faeiry princess look.

  7. Mary Beth, I love the lines on you. I would go for a nice silk crepe and making the godet in the same fabric as the contrasting sleeves

  8. I like it on you, probably not in anything shiny or metallic. I think the style is very suitable and without the empire line, you’ll get a nice long line that will make you look taller. (I’m 5’2″, too, any illusion of height is nice!).


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