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Wearing a Chain Mail Computer?

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I’ve been sitting on this bit of textile news for a while, primarily because I was waiting to see if more uses for this fabric might be released. I know the military is looking at using this technology.

As for the modern family, well, this just won’t wash up well, but it might help in tracking a person lost in the woods or detect a small child’s skinned knee at the playground. I’m certainly hoping that detection of a bullet wound will not be the main use for adding it to our stashes. But then, reality bites.

And then there is the consideration of wearing an electromagnetic field on one’s body.

Please read more about this chain mail fabric here. I don’t feel qualified to paraphrase the article.

New Smart Fabric Detects Vital Signs, Bullet Wounds, Motion, Strain, Pressure, and Produce(s) Power


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  1. OK, this begs the question, why would somebody want to wear a solar cell shirt? Why to power their solar Blackberry and cell phones of course, how silly of me not realize this right away …

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