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Vogue 2894 and Backwards

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I just completed the skirt from from this pattern.

Notice the dip in the hemline? My skirt dipped the same way.

I got very confused trying to sew up this pattern.

Maybe it wasn’t the instructions, just me and my current state of mind, but I had to put the pockets in 4 times and couldn’t figure out the pleating from the illustrations nor the printed words.

I’ve said before that I’m in remedial pattern reading but, eeesch, folks, it’s been years now and I don’t seem to be getting better at it!

When all is sewn and done, I have everything backwards: in order to use the pockets I have to have the closing on the right side and what you see in front is actually the back of the skirt.

I will do nothing, absolutely nothing, about the backwardness. After I had attached the waistband I found a flaw in the fabric (how did I miss it in the steaming and pressing???) that is an actual hole. I patched it with a lightweight fusible stabilizer and that patch, even though it’s not visible, will stay in the back so I am unaware of it. That’s my justification for not fixing everything, anyway.

LOL, out of sight, out of mind. The fabric is extremely delicate and I think I’ve used up my quota of ripping without tears.

I also bought the coordinating georgette which I have not made up yet. I see a cream or pinkish top with a black jacket. I’ll have to follow the muse, I trust her more than patterns anyway. I’m hoping the Hot Patterns will arrive soon!!!

But the fun part was trying to hem this skirt without lining it. It is too lightweight to stitch in any fashion without the stitching showing. So, I played.

I used 3 strands of embmroidery floss (circa 1970) and made three rosettes and then added a bead, repeating for the total circumference of the skirt.

I used different beads in the purple, pink and gold shades. I’m sure I could do more embroidery and make this a work of art…

but I’m going to stop now, lucky to have a hemmed skirt, backwards or no.



About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. MaryBeth what a lovely skirt and despite your sewing problems it looks great. If you did not mention the front is now on the back no one would ever noticed that. Your creative solution for hemming the skirt is priceless .Thanks for sharing.

  2. *Love* your hemming solution, you clever woman!

  3. What a gorgeous skirt, MB! I love the fabric and what you’ve done with the hem – so creative. No one would ever know you are wearing it backwards so just enjoy it.

  4. I forgot to say what kind of fabric this is: it’s a wool gauze challis, from Very delicate, as I said.

  5. What a cute skirt & outfit!! I love it.
    I have done the zipper on the wrong side
    thing before. No big deal. You would be surprised
    at what people don’t notice. My stepson, 32, did
    not realize until last Sunday that men’s and
    women’s shirts button on different sides.

  6. beatiful hem!

  7. Very creative solution to the hem issue.
    I really think that no one would be the wiser
    to the rest of what was going on if you didn’t tell them. I couldn’t tell from the photos.

  8. So cute! Even if it is backwards, which no one will know unless you tell them. And I love your creative solution to the hem! So simple yet it adds so much.

  9. Gorgeous skirt. The hem finishing is TDF. I am going to remember this technique. You are so very clever!
    I would have never guessed that it was backwards, your secret is safe here.

  10. I knew I had seen this fabric before just couldn’t figure out where until I read your comment Marybeth! the skkirt is very kewl and who will know that its backwards except you! Love all the interesting details – that’s what makes sewing fun – well at least to me.


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