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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Almost Over!!!

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Oh it’s a great day, yes indeedy! I just can’t contain myself any longer without sharing the good news.

I have one more day of radiation. One more day of “treatment” after today, and then I will be not prodded, poked and positioned for 6 weeks, no more x-rays (even at my age I feel a bit more sadly sterile with each new x-ray), no more new aches and pains, just healing and getting better day by day.

Six more weeks. I won’t know if the tumor has shrunken enough to avoid surgery and the unavoidable ostomy bag until the next colonoscopy sometime toward the end of August. What a summer, I hope I don’t forget to breathe. Sometimes I do just hold my breath.

Make each day count! It seems like cancer will continue to be a frightening word for some time to come and my life will never be the same. It seems that I won’t be able to relax, that I’ll not be off the hook, that life will be no different than it is today but wait…

This morning I stood under the shower and remembered not having hot and cold running water, when baths were done from a large pot heated on the stove (thanking God for LP gas). I still marvel at what a simple turn of a faucet means in my life now. I have it so good now! Not everyone in my age group has had the experience to live without running water or a telephone or a TV, but many of the generation before me surely remembers hauling water in a bucket from a well as humans have done for thousands of years. Now we have high priced “utilities”.

What a miracle my life has been so far.

It just goes to show me that I can’t predict the future. I can only be amazed at what lay behind this one point in time and try to draw a blank when I think what might lie ahead.

But one thing is for sure in my life, I’ll be sewing.