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Daily Archives: August 7, 2007

Foolish Foolish Fashion

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I understand the use of computer technology in fabrics used in warfare or exploration. The fabric can measure heart rate, the presence of bleeding or the degree of pressure being put upon the fabric. Earlier this year I linked to a fairly easy to understand scientific explanation of one of the fabric technologies being developed in Wearing a Chain Mail Computer

And I’ve waited and searched for more information on how these new nano technologies might be developed in the fashion world. Finally, my curiosity has paid off with this quick compilation of developments:

Wearables technology Check these out!

Buzzing Bikini? How hot that will be, and I mean hot.

Computer Pants? I foresee these joining the ranks of hot garage sale items in a couple of years.

Hidden Meaning? Hmmm, these would be good for espionage work??? We definitely don’t need any more Fabulous Fashion Spys

Message in A Jacket? This is kind of cute, maybe.

Flash Dance? This one is tagged as a costume for the performing arts. I’d think it could also be used in ergonomic design, medical diagnosis, specialty garment design

These Boots Aren’t Made for Walking….oh yawn, I can’t imagine the entertainment value of watching someone sit down on a bubble created by walking…..zzzzzzz

and finally the prerequisite for experimental project funding…The Ecological Factor….

Green is the New Black…accessories that light up your night….

I’m left speechless. Do you think there’s anything useful in these new products?