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It’s Curtains!

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or will be…


I have curtains to make for 18 windows and 2 doors for the school building. I will (I must!) have the stamina to face the hours of pressing and straight stitching, I will, I will.

Fortunately this Janome 1600P was made for flying through the straight stitches. This is it’s “thing”. And it’s portable so I can do the hemming at the building if I need to.

I am making simple gathered tops and deep hems and they will hang from 1.25″ dowel rods. I haven’t decided if I’ll add ruffles along the inside edge but in order to avoid the ironing of frilly ruffles I’ll probably opt for extra wide, gathered panels and tiebacks.

I’m using up some of the 500 yards of 4 oz denim I originally bought to use in products I make for the educational materials line and have had this bolt for a few years now. Yes, of course, I was hoping to “pinch” a summer skirt and a few shirts out of it, too.

500 yards is a lot of 4 oz denim, what was I thinking??? The bolt is huge, almost too heavy to drag out of the closet corner. So I’m glad for this job, I guess.

But the darned stuff crocks. “Crocks”, that’s a technical term (I love using that phrase). It means that the color actually rubs off easily. The indigo still bleeds no matter how many washings and how much salt or vinegar is added. So I can’t use it for anything that will be handled by children in a classroom.

No one likes partially and inadvertantly blue children. Blue, even partially blue, children, purposefully made so, maybe, but blue children should not be produced by handling their classroom materials!

So, it’s curtains.

And even with the massive yardage being used to provide deep gathers there is still a heavy bolt to go back into the closet. I will never outlive this “bargain”, you know, those purchases that seem so rational and wonderful when you’re shopping wholesale via the internet. From this purchase forth the wholesaler will only be selling me TNT (tried and true) stuff that I routinely buy from them.

Notice to those new to fabric buying through computers: bad fabric is rarely a problem when you’re buying from a reputable fashion fabric seller such as you see advertizing in Threads Magazine or on sewing message boards and web sites. I consider this purchase my own stupid mistake, whipped up all on my very own, and I just wish my wholesale seller had had the compassion to warn me! But then she’s facing a warehouse of fabric and may not have known.

Live and Learn and then It’s Curtains!

When this task, job, torture, is done I get to make floor to ceiling curtains to separate off areas for naptime, etc. But that’s another fabric story for another day.

At least I’m finally sewing something I can post about rather than the educational materials that would be so quickly copied if I shared the details. If my orders decline I won’t be able to buy more fabric, so that’s how it goes.

Deep breathe! and back to the machine!


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Man, that is a lot of denim! And a lot of curtains. Have you thought of doing grommets instead of tabs? Might be faster on you. And who can deny the therapeutic effects of using a hammer once in a while?

  2. Wow. First, that’s a lot of curtains, second that’s a lot of fabric. At least you’re back at the machines and doing something rather than nothing at all! Good luck in finishing that lot.

  3. Yeah, Lorna, I came so close to doing the grommet thing but since there is “no money” in this job I opted for a simple rod pocket. Guess I’ll have to use the kitchen pots and pans when I am ready to bang out my boredom!

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