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Daily Archives: August 29, 2007

Tip = Twice As Fast!

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Excitement and gratitude abounds in The Stitichery today! The awful curtain saga may be over much sooner than estimated!

Upon hanging the first four panels in the school building I realized that I was going to have to make at least 42 separate panels to produce the desired opacity because this “fabric from ____” is so thin.

Ah, but then, Els, Sewing Diva Sister said in an ~oh~so~casual~ off hand manner:

Why not just double the panels over the rod poles?

Since I had already ripped over 40 panels to approximate length for processing through the washing machine, I was stumped for a second…how to do this???

Well, just try it and see, the desperate sewing peasant inside said


French seams now join two lengths at the top, a 3″ header is stitched, the side seams will be simply the selvedge edges and voila! the curtains are doubly thick.

Both panels are ironed at one time and the panels will hang for a while before being hemmed. I do not trust this stretchy stuff….

This is a great idea!!!

Add The Stitchery to the growing list of sewing gods and goddesses that have benefitted from the assistance of Els. Fashion sewing approaches closer on the horizon 🙂

Thank You, Els!