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School Remodeled

It’s almost finshed. We’ve replaced all the flooring, all the windows, the countertop and appliances in the kitchen and all the hardware, painted everything and the curtains are finished!!!

Oh there’s always more to do and then there’s the ordinary upkeep like mowing the lawn and putting in fall flowers. Here’s the 60 year old building that has been a school for one quarter of a centuary:


Some furniture and equipment have been moved in.



Here’s the nap area with the curtains freed for sleepytime:


This is the backyard playground


This is the entry foyer


And the rod holder doing it’s part


The kitchen gets a funky balloon treament. Most likely the teacher will want to have a clear view of the action in the playyard


The narrow bathroom outfitted with stalls and the tiniest urinal I’ve ever seen is in the first stall but since I was showing you the school and the curtains I didn’t shoot the stall interiors 🙂


The portable sewing room.


I developed an assembly line type of production. First I ripped all the edges to be x number of inches from the floor adjusting to make sure the fabric would cover the window moulding since that varied and would be somewhat the same length as its neighboring curtain. Where the doubled panel were used I ripped the outside panel to be approximately one half inch shorter than the inside panel.

I dragged the ironing boards (I brought two so that one could hold the rods while I pressed in the hems) and machine table into an area. I removed three or four curtains still on the rods and serged the ripped edges all in one operation, then measured a three inch hem and pressed all of the panels. The I flipped the table around and straight stitched all of the panels that were ready for hemming.

Done in 5 hours.

Now I have to make privacy curtains to cover the bathroom stalls. I am going to use a heavier (think lightweight jeans jacket) denim with tab tops. But I’ll do those at The Stitchery since I don’t have to worry about the visual effect so much.

And here’s some of the materials that will be in the classrooms:

Tennessee’s three cultural areas and the Australia/New Zealand map


and a box of shading tablets on a hardrock maple shelf.


Isn’t it all just so beautiful?


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. What a lovely school … I hope you find somebody to fill it now!

  2. Gorgeous – I love the clean look of the whole place and the bright maps and shading tablets. There will be some very happy children that attend that school!

  3. What an inviting to bring one’s child! Lucky kids….
    Your curtains came out good, finally. I love the machine perched on the tiny table with the tiny chair. Were your knees up around your ears?

  4. Hey, the curtains look great! Sorry the fabric was cush a hassle to work with but they look nice and crisp.

  5. I’d enroll my kids in a minute! (well, I’d have to turn the clock back 6-7 years)…if this school was in my town parents would be breaking the doors down to get their kids into it.

  6. Lovely bright school, its gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the pics. You can be very proud that you and hb did manage the remodelling besides your full time job.

  7. What a bright, cheery school! You have done a beautiful job – LOVE the curtains. Sewing at the child-size table must have been an adventure!

  8. Actually the chair seat is 14″ from the floor and comfortable to this short person but I do wish the table had been higher! I’m *still* straightening here up a day later.

  9. It’s beautiful! You did an outstanding job with those curtains!

  10. MB, the school looks awesome, a place where I bet a lot of children will have fond memories of!

  11. Looks great!! So open and bright!

  12. It looks so clean and fresh. I love the red trim on the blue curtains – very smart looking. I looks like a new room – very inviting for all ages – kids to grown ups too. A lot of work went into this project!!

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