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Biz-y Fashion Blogging and a Sad Warning

Hot Tip: Read and enjoy Cut, Sew & Blog only through your Bloglines subscription.

Cut, Sew & Blog came to my attention via The Business of Fashion Blog. Both seemed to perfectly fit the wide ranging interests at The Stitchery.

The almost daily updates at Cut, Sew & Blog are a look into the life and current career of Harlem-based designer Malcom Harris as he introduces his Mal Sirrah Spring/Summer 2008 collection via his blog and circuits the madness of fashion, NYC.

My complaint about Cut, Sew & Blog is the Bravenet Traffic Exchange that will redirect you as you move around this blog so be prepared to shut down extra screens. It has made bringing this essay to you difficult


and finally my Windows XP was shut down completely.

So, after a couple of hours writing and editing this blog entry I’ve got very urgent warnings: use your Bloglines to read this blog!

If you feel sure about your operating system and its protections you can click on the links below. Perhaps all my trouble are related to my own system and not the blog’s but lacking the time nor inclination to research what is going on I’ll publish the original story so my whole morning has not been frittered away.

UPDATED AGAIN! (nope it’s not me)
I have removed the links this blog entry should have and did have. I hope that the Cut, Sew & Blog writer/editor to investigate the redirects and cookies that the blog may be adding to readers’ computers, *if indeed, the problems I’ve had are coming from this blogsite*

If the problems I’ve had are not originating with C, W & B then, well, I’m a fool when it comes to PCs but then we sort of knew that, me not being a webdesigner and all….

and so here’s the rest of the story before the crash of my PC:


Of particular interest to me has been his introduction of the Nina, a fabulously draped, multi-styled concept dress, fleshed out at the blog entry One Dress – All Women – One World

I did a double take when I saw this style: it broke all my fashion rules with the extra draped fabric at the sides of the body.

And I so wanted to show you the illustration here but to avoid any possibility of copyright infringement you’ll have to read the entry linked above to see it.

But the lead photo for the dress and the Mal Sirrah line blog entry for October 8 shows different versions

I hope Cut, Sew & Blog continues to share developments. Next up for busy Malcom is Designers for the Dafur campaign.

The Business of Fashion blog is just that: blogged news of the fashion biz: Biz-y indeed!

I’ve not had a single problem navigating this very professional and worthwhile blog site.

So, now I’m off to try to recoup some of the time lost from my day.

Mood: Miffed!


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Greetings,

    Malcolm Harris here of Cut, Sew and Blog… Firstly, thank you so very much for your visit to CS&B… I am also “miffed” about my blog being hijacked by this Bravenet Traffic Exchange… I actually run my entire blog and therefore, have only a rudementary knowledge of the entire computer programming world… I guess those many years at Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Paul Gaultier never prepared me for this… I will try my best to remedy this problem so that your next visit to Cut, Sew and Blog will be pleasant…

    Once again… Thank you for your visit…

    Malcolm aka “Mal Sirrah”

  2. Malcom! I’d love it if you could get it fixed!!! There was so much I’d written and so much time spent, that when the computer crashed, I was really Sad.

    I’ll definitely post an update here if you’ll let me know when you think the coast is clear!!!

    Thanks so much, I look forward to seeing your company grow and all your efforts come to bear fruit 🙂


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