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Off Again

I’ve been thinking of sharing more upholstery adventures here or at The Sewing Divas but never found the time to post this past few days. I’m not sure that people are interested in executing piped knife edge corners, though, considering the amount of hits lately and comments left to the posts. Oh well, that’s what I have been doing and that’s what I’ll post: what I’ve been doing. I guess it’s just not that interesting to others. Sorry! I’m not much into showing off recent fabric or pattern acquisitions: I like

Executions! I’ve added a few new links here: A quality pair added to my daily reading.

Did you see Paco Peralta’s blog? My Spanish is too poor to read Paco’s writing but I love his pictures. Maybe I’ll learn enough to read his writing. Sweet man, too. I imagine him to be gorgeous as well. I love a well dressed man!

Thoughtful Inspirations! The Thoughtful Dresser Linda Grant is a fabulous writer. She’s definitely worth reading. I do wonder about the use of that photo on her site…. Maybe she’ll tell us about her use of it.


Work is cutting into my sought-after “pretend-retirement” time. Harrumph!

And further, my hopes of getting to the knitting machines or the sewing machines on a personal quest for fashion updating have been dashed again. I neeeed a new wardrobe. The closet is full of clothing for around the year, now, finally, but updating and refitting is in order.

I am losing weight, at a nice slow rate, and all the pants are now baggy. Ugh, I hate that feeling, the crotch hanging down at mid-thigh, the blouse not filled out, underwear that no longer fits. I think chemo/radiation reset my ability to digest fats and sugars very well. My eating habits have had to change. And I’m feeling lighter and lighter. That’s a good thing, now if only I could find time to sew up new clothes that fit! Trying to buy RTW that fits is not worth the time. So the thought for the day is:

Baggy butt is boring.

I sewed commercially all weekend for both the school and the educational materials business and looked forward to unbridled execution of recently gained inspirations but it was not to be, paperwork and management issues took up Monday and Tuesday, all day.

And now, Wednesday I will be driving 700 miles to another educational conference where HusPartner will do the heavy lifting at the sales booth and I hope to languish on the beach or poolside in Florida, thinking mainly about the next doggy adventure for my constant companion, Gaely GoLightly, Westie Extraodinaire.

I’ll finish up the second baby blanket, a job I have put off for the last few weeks.

And I hope to practice being incredibly L A Z Y. I definitely deserve it, don’t you think? I do, anyway. See you in a week.

Happy Halloween! Be careful out there 🙂


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. o.k. I would love to read about piping
    🙂 and edges and beeing lazy is absolutly o.k.
    get your deserved break. What you did to that
    nursery school was a blast!

  2. Sharing your expertise on upholstery adventures would be great. I asked Paco for adding the feature to translate his blog(Paco Peralta’s blog) so we all can read about his work and he did, he added Babel Fish.
    The other link The Thoughtful Dresser Linda Grant is indeed a great one to read.
    Enjoy your short break and please be LAZY you deserve it, but it will take some practise.
    See you next week.

  3. Actually I would love to read/learn about executing perfect corners…so share away. And my posts on pattern and fabric acquisitions are blog fillers…sometimes life overtakes my sewing dreams and I don’t have time to make what I want to or share it with others! I ramble. Please share your upholstery talents with us…I for one need to learn from a master!

  4. Paco has a Babel Fish icon on his blog that
    you can use! Just highlight the text he has
    written and paste onto the Babel Fish “block”
    and select Spanish to English, then click
    on “translate”.

  5. You definitely deserve it!! Thanks so much for the links to the new blogs, too. Or new to me, anyway!!!!! They’re great! And, I need to practice my almost nonexistent Spanish, anyway. haha

  6. Oh you deserve being lazy! And anything you
    write about is worth reading – even if it is
    not the kind of sewing I do daily. After all
    I’m now doing things I NEVER thought I’d be
    doing two years ago.
    BTW, please change your template to reflect my
    new blog space — I’m no longer The Southern
    Sewa but rather Southern Stitches. the addy is
    Thanks, and love you! Mary E


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