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Off The Bleeding Edge and Of The Wisdom Set….

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Posted at The Stitchery by Mary Beth
I have diligently, but disgruntingly, studied the issues of Scrapping that my friend Alexandra pointed me toward in an attempt to solve the theft problems that have lately sprung up here at The Stitchery.

I added the Creative Commons license (much, I assume, to the dismay of those who use feed burners to keep up with posts and edits of posts here). I will also add the opening line above to each of my new posts. Scrapers will now pick up that referring link and the reader can link back to The Stitchery from whence it came without me having to figure out the editing of an RSS feed.

That took a lot of time I really don’t want to donate to this blog and it took me once again into the forbidden regions of’s prohibition against javascript. I don’t want to add anything fancy like the ability to edit the CSS of this humble blog’s template, I prefer to remain a KISS girl (Keep It Simple, Stooopid) and not a big hit magnet in cyberspace. I don’t care about my “authority” rating on technorati, etc. Bloggers who have a reputation to build or income to make know what I am talking about. Others, who don’t have these priorities, probably don’t want to know about them. I have too many real-time lives to lead to make cyberspace my home. I am a shimmering cyber-hider.

So KISS! I send KISSES out to all; glittering cyber-celebraties and shimmering cyber-hiders.

I’ve put in my time at being a good cyber-citizen today. Let the villains know that they will not outlast me, I intend to be writing, very sporadically, for a lot longer than theives have the patience for. For I have decided that blogging is just a creative outlet, a journal for me and my friends, nothing more, nothing less. And I am going to assume I will have the capacity to write for quite a few more years.

Blogging behavior out of the way I can now get down to blogging. I only have a short time left today.

Aging. Being Of A Certain Age. Middle life and beyond. Baby boomer.

I have ventured into the subject here and in private emails and rarely find anyone willing to discuss being over 55 and the issues we face. It seems to be a banned topic, something that makes people, especially fashion involved woman, very uncomfortable. Notice I didn’t write my own age?

I will turn 58 in a few months. I like myself much more, have learned so much in the past few years, and no longer have that unpredicatible predator, menopause, in pursuit. I see where it’s important to not look my age, not feel my age, not discuss my age. No one wants to read about it, think about it, really see it.

There’s even bedding that fights wrinkles while we sleep: Cupron – copper infused fabrics Press Release here

But it happens to us all, those of us lucky enough to live long enough.

To paraphrase someone (I can’t remember whom exactly) Aging is not for Sissies!

My favorite people are my age and older. I love the grace and intelligence of The Wisdom Set

Anyone reading here have a favorite Wisdom Set personage they would love to share?


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. I am 55 years old. I’ll be 56 in July. I’ve survived thus far with scars from a hysterectomy, a gall bladder removal, a C-section, a carpel tunnel repair and ear surgery. Something I’ve learned, in terms of fashion and my own style is that I really like things from the 40s and 50s and I don’t much care what anyone else thinks about that. I’m lucky that I don’t work in NYC or some other big city where youth and appearance seems to hold heavy coin with employers; my boss seems to like it just fine that I can do a whole bunch of different things already and don’t seem to have any issues with learning anything new. My only beef with aging is that my hair is three different colors: white in the front, salt and pepper elsewhere and iron grey in the back. When I let it go natural, the top half of my head disappears and takes my face with it – so coloring my hair is a very big deal with me. I can put up with a whole lot – expanding waistline, changes in my vision, etc. but the hair thing drives me just a little bit crazy.

  2. Hi Toby, thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. The hair thing is a biggie for me, too. I often want to stop coloring (I’m very close to all white) but I really like the color I have right now because it lets me wear both warm and cool colors. HusPartner also chimes in with how looking at me with my natural color makes him feel older. So I color and enjoy, for the moment at least.

  3. Hi Mary Beth,
    Aha…someone else born at Mid-Century! Yay! I turn 58 in October. I always feel a certain kinship with others born about that time. For a while now I have noticed “My Inner Kathy Bates coming out”. Isn’t it nice not to have to take ^&*% from anyone anymore? 🙂

  4. Whoa, Cathi, you are so right! I don’t feel I need to suffer rude or difficult people any more. That is a great blessing and I’m so glad you’ve mentioned it. I now pick carefully the difficult people I am willing to include in my life and it’s made a world of changes possible.

  5. Thanks for the info on scrapping; wow, I had no idea this sort of thing was going on (I was scratching my head over why some anonymous person would steal content from a sewing/knitting blog). But those are good tips… I appreciate it!!!

  6. I believe it was Bette Davis who said “aging is not for sissies”.

  7. Hi Loretta (can you see me waving?)
    Thanks for getting me to research that phrase…according to Doris Lessing’s article “Being 80: Old Age is Not for Sissies” ( Bette Davis actually said “Old age is no place for sissies”…and I’m thinking that the famous cartoon character Maxine may actually be the source for the wording I’ve used above…not entirely sure ’bout that, though.

  8. I write a blog called The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide at

    It’s for boomer consumers and discusses a wide variety of topics for boomers of all ages, including older boomers.

    Why, I’ll even be writing about wrinkles.

    I have a post on the latest research on hormone replacement therapy. I’ve also written about grandparenting and retirement planning.

    Send me a note about what aging topic you’d like to discuss and let’s see if we can get a conversation going.

  9. MB, I’m perfectly willing to discuss being over 55. If you want a youngster’s opinion, hehe.
    Great post though. People don’t “do age” these days, it seems.

  10. I’m so delighted to see the sometimes tabook world of menopause brought out into the open here…

    Good for you!


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