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Posted by Mary Beth at The Stitchery on June 26, 2008

If you landed here because of a link from Knot Sew Smart, Welcome! Please make yourself comfy and feel free to look around. This is definitely not my best post!!!!!!!!! and I was just about to delete it when it was used by ??? whomever writes that blog. I wish I did know who she is! Someone please tell me???

See the comments section for the reason for the edits: Debbie Cook has straightened out my mess. She keeps this up I’ll have to see where she fits on the payroll 🙂

Hmmm, my textile feed reports that has been purchased by For some reason I can’t access the Wall Street Journal Online article but CNBC and The Canadian Business Journal had short blurbs. will continue to function as a stand alone online fabric store. The purchase happened Wednesday (yesterday) for an undisclosed amount.

And didn’t just buy DenverFabrics? Amazon now owns them both. says that it will increase the fabric and accessories being offered. What I could see of the WSJ article now sells custom measured and cut fabrics, as well as patterns, sewing tools and accessories. I didn’t know about the patterns, sewing tools and accessories. I just knew about the fabric (pur-r-r-r-r-r) but haven’t bought from them in a very long time.

Many of us who make garments have loved this store for the great search capacity and low prices but haven’t been thrilled with the length of time it takes to receive our purchases.
Well, Wow, with Amazon now thrusting its great volume of buyers at we’ll just have to wait and see what happens to the shipping time.

Right now all I can say is ACK!


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. At first I held my breath at this news. And then, as it sunk in I realized this could mean free shipping over $25! Which is easily doable with fabrics. So, I guess this is a win-win. Does it make me a bad person that this might be the deciding factor for switching from H*nc*ck Fabrics to 😉

  2. MB, Just FYI … is what Amazon purchased. is what purchased and has the slow ship times.

  3. Thanks Debbie: I was confusing the two stores. I appreciate your taking the time to straighten this out!

    OK, now I have a different worry, not garment related. (again thx Deb!) is my commercial fabrics supplier. I’d better call my rep. Eeesch.

  4. can’t be happy about this. They are an Amazon partner, or is it they were an Amazon partner?

  5. Interesting . . . which means that my husband’s company would be processing all those online credit card purchases, since they have the Amazon account. Yes, buy more fabric from and support my husband’s salary, and thus my ability to buy fabric! LOL.

  6. I had an email from about its purchase by Amazon, but I hadn’t heard about Denverfabrics. I’ve found they (Denver) had good customer service in the past. Has that changed?

  7. Ya know, Tessa, that one bothered me so badly that I haven’t made a purchase from Denver Fabrics since. I’m am just not a smooth one when it comes to changing things at with the fabric stores.

    I did talk with my rep and she says everything is going to be just the same. I had to switch to when the local Hancocks fabrics got thinner and stretchier, same manufacurer, same colors, but inferior fabric. I set up my whole line with local sourcing as much as possible. I hope doesn’t go the way of Hancocks!


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