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Jacket Fabric Purchasing ~ I wasn’t going to do it!

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Posted by Mary Beth at The Stitchery
First, thanks for the cyber support concerning my brutal sacking of the Pampers stealin’ Mom, I had such hopes for this young lady and she was very good with the babies, very good. See what a little afternoon sewing could have done for her? But alas, a victim she’ll be for a bit more time of her life…. To top off her performance she’s now calling the parents of the school trying to get them to leave with her…I shouldn’t have allowed her to quit rather than be fired! Grrrrrrrrr. But it will be OK, our new Director has a very soothing, diplomatic manner and no harm will come, I don’t believe.

And Gemma (Heather) asked about the piping: It’s a very white poly satin. I purposefully bought a thick one, thinking that I could get away without the cord inside but it just sort of wimped out without the cord and didn’t make much of a statement around the curves.

And now that I, I who had never made a true Chanel jacket before, have topstitched the seams of this blue silk cotton SnF jacket, I am loving the lightweight drape and stability that the organza and the top stitched seams give to the garment and can’t bring myself to insert this stiff piping into the edges. The contrast would be too great between the body of the jacket and the jacket’s piped edges.

But I am so jazzed about this way of making jackets, I did order 2 yards of Michael’s Fabrics French Boucle to make a true light weight Southern Summer jacket.


I have a little bit of pink organza I can use. I received swatches of this boucle much earlier this year and all of the colors really are lovely, though. Michael’s has mint green, pink, blue and yellow (a nice strong yellow) left. At $22 per yard they are a true bargain!

And has put all her acrylic boucles on sale. They are very, very nice, too, for summer. She really has some great wools and Honeys, I not lying. The photos don’t do the fabrics justice. Melody swatches freely, too, just ask her.

But I must stop. I’m only buying this one piece because I do live in the hot, humid South and need a very lightweight, breathable jacket for evenings. I have other heavier jacket boucles I need to use, too:

two in Silk to make up for the coming Fall months

and a heavier Cotton of midnight navy, winter white, medium blue with light blue and baby pink thick yarns

I have to fit a pattern that will work with this thick fabric though and I haven’t found just the right pattern yet. I like the curvy shape of the HP Martini jacket but I want to update it and can’t even find the style in RTW, yet. I’m sure as we approach cooler weather more RTW styles will emerge.

I’m thinking a low rounded (but not this round) neckline

must be more funky! Cut it more in a Vee and lower, maybe….

or maybe a standing collar like view D


and flared sleeve like the salt and pepper jacket

the standing collar is nice, too

And with the right trim this pattern would leave enough fabric for a gored skirt….



About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Ohhhh your fabrics are gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. You are definite in a sewing spree. The fabrics you choose to make some new gorgeous jackets are fantastic. You will look wonderful in summer and autumn/winter.
    If you still want to use piping for any of the new jackets you could make it your self from the silk charmeuse lining fabric and some kite rope, which is a very narrow flexible rope.

  3. Nice fabrics, MB! You almost got me with that link to Fashionista Fabrics but then I came to my senses and closed that tab. I need to sew from the stash for a while.

  4. Your wonderful fabrics left me panting with desire…ohmygosh those are beautiful!

  5. Mmmm . . . very nice!


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