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Burning Nightgown Madness

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Edited: I’ve just sent a link to this post to sewing pattern companies so if you’d like to impress them with the need you could add a comment below

Nightgowns have been on my mind for the past number of years so I pursue each pattern company’s new releases for the perfect pattern and periodically search ebay as well as a few vintage pattern shops.

But NO

the right pattern has not yet been found and very few designs are being offered. All of them are boxy granny gowns or only hint at the proper nightgown I see in my mind’s eye.

After seeing Lorna’s excellent Power Dry projects and vintage McCall’s nightgown pattern in her last post the fire grew a bit brighter. I hopped over to ebay where I finally found

The Perfect Pattern.



  • the insert at mid-bust: a chance to use a tiny bit of lovely lace
  • the shaped back neckline and yoke for a bit of saucy follow me! interest
  • the skirt skims the hips and flares to the floor
  • the shoulder straps that look like they might be made to stay in place
  • I thought I had found the Perfect Pattern!

    But it was not to be. This Perfect Pattern sold for $41.27.

    Awwww, come on!

    Attention Pattern Companies: let’s see this style return to the market, pretty please? More than one buyer is just waiting, credit card in hand. This is simple, Pattern People!

    The Bed Jacket

    And while you’re at it, add a lovely comfy, easy to get out of, bed jacket. Perhaps it should be hip or high hip length, flared through the back, with good shoulder and neck coverage, wide sleeves with elastic at the wrists. Do us a big favor and put it all in one pattern envelope.

    We Sewing Goddesses like to read about fashion and sewing and apply our hand sewing skills in bed on cool evenings, don’t we???!!! I mean, sell us some basic lifestyle needs here, not more Designer Suits, we need our beauty sleep first!

    Grrr, grumble, mumble, or I’ll we’ll have to draft our own….

    Since I saw this pattern go for the price of a very lovely linger-worthy steak dinner, I know I’m not alone in this burning desire.


    About Mary Beth

    I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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    1. Boy oh boy, did you hit the nail on the head! Desperately seeking a good bed jacket pattern, and have a whole shelf of designated night gown fabric, without a good pattern in sight. I too, search on ebay in the vintage patterns. I love this one, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I would pay serious money for this pattern. Yes.

    2. Funny how I was looking for that exact nightgown last year in ready-to-wear. Couldn’t find anything like it. I have one of my mom’s old nightgowns from the 1980 that looks just like that, and I thought it was about time to replace it but to no avail. I don’t think I’d buy the pattern just yet seeing as I am a newbie at sewing.

    3. I have already received a very nice reply from Susan Fleck at Simplicity wherein she states that the style in not in their current line but will be considered in planning for future lines.

      Yeah, Valerie, I’ve been looking in RTW also. Hey, I’m that sold on this style! On the sewing front I’ve been buying evening gowns and straight cut jacket patterns for the past few years in an attempt to simplify them to the nightgown and bed jacket needs. I just haven’t hit on the right one yet and am too busy to do the drafting.

    4. Don’t know if $25 is reasonable enough to bite, but you can now order all (almost all?) of Kwik Sew’s OOP patterns directly from them for $25/ea. I think I’ve still got a few of their “vintage” lingerie patterns, slips mostly, thinking they’d make good nighties too. Let me see what I have … maybe I’ve got something you’d like and I’d be happy to lend it out.

    5. I agree 100%. It seems impossible to find any descent lingerie patterns. Feminine nightgowns, teddies, camisoles, tap pants, bras, slips, etc – these patterns seem to be things of the past.

    6. MaryBeth, look at this incredible place!!! The pattern you wanted was there but was taken. Check it out, I think all sewers should join!!! What a fab idea.

    7. Hi Mary Beth, Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving
      and leaving messages. I loved reading them.
      As for nightgowns, I agree. My absolute
      favorites are the old Olga gowns I’ve picked
      up on Ebay. They fit beautifully, have 100″
      sweep at the bottom of the skirt AND most
      important they are to the floor. These
      nightgowns go for big bucks on Ebay since
      this style can no longer be found anywhere.
      I think I’ll send an email to Hot Patterns and
      perhaps the other companies also.

    8. MAN! GO away for 2 weeks and miss out on the perfect pattern! I think I can morph the one I have to turn it into this one easy enough until this one gets turned out by somebody. Have you asked Trudy and Jeremy over at HP? Maybe they can put one out for us!


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