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Patterns for Nightgown and Bed Jacket

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Posted by MaryBeth at The Stitchery

Pattern Available for Bed Jacket and Nightgown Pattern

Existing Bed Jacket and Nightgown Pattern

This is the Butterick offering available now, brought to my attention by Carolyne Cafaro, the Merchandising Manager for Butterick and Vogue Patterns. A Winter, and presumably heavier set, will be available in November, B5299. There was no indication that the suggestions would be included in future release plans. I have no idea what the winter release will be. I wasn’t given a pre-sale peek at the pattern.

Ummmmmm, I don’t think we need go that far back in history to recreate the styles longed for. We may not be able to buy Olga’s BodySilk fabric by the yard but we can buy the nylon and the stretch laces.

I wonder why current sewing patterns don’t use the stretch laces and improved nylon tricot now available.

I wonder why Olga stopped making these sets and what happened to the BodySilk fabric. Why were these decisions made? I am curious! I wonder about a lot of things 🙂

As Claire suggested I went to ebay, searched, and found beautiful, graceful and womanly nightgowns by Christian Dior, Miss Dior, Olga, Vanity Fair, Vasarette, and Cinema Etoile of the bewitching styles no longer available. They are selling for more money than they originally sold 20, 30 and 40 years ago.

Ah well, I’ve spent more time on this paper chase than I had planned but obviously the market is there, the home sewing interest is there, the fabrics, laces and trims are available. SewSassy is a seller I can vouch for, her elastics are fresh and stretchy.

I wonder if I’ll have time to drape a power dry nightgown and bed jacket for the coming fall/winter? I hope we will see some wonderful pattern “packages” in the future.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Mary Beth have you looked at Folkswear patterns? The
    Lady’s Chemise #223 looks interesting.

  2. You certainly have hit upon something here. I, too, have wondered where they’ve gone.

  3. Well, the Rachel Wallis pattern isn’t exactly womanly in any kind of really sexy way,but it’s inspiring my love of things anachronistic. I’m thinking of doing something like this in a Cuddleduds-type fabric, with a satiny side showing, and a cottony face next to the skin. The short jacket looks adaptable, too. Hmmmm.

    But I really, really want the KS 875 you discovered — it’s da bomb!

  4. Have you checked out the formal wear patterns? There might be something in there from the 70’s … the lines of the gown we want is very similar or am I remembering things wrong? LOL!

  5. I have an Olga set that my mother got me decades ago, it still feels fantastic. Why can’t we get that fabric? It was just the right shade of pink and felt marvelous. Could make this pattern (which I do have, waiting there for me in my sewing room with all its buddies) fetching, as well as comfy.

    I can see it with really nice ecru lace with little eyelets, the kind that you thread soft, narrow matching ribbons through. Now I want to make that.

    But first, back to finishing up my snf jacket! How did you get your hem finish to lie so flat? I handstitched mine but didn’t do it from the top of the Hong Kong finish (boy, I’m losing my marbles); instead I caught it from the Hong Kong stitch in the ditch seam to the lining on the underside of the hem, so that the top 1/4 inch floats free and ripply. I’m going to do a second row of hand stitching to catch the top but I’m worried it will show. Any suggestions?


  6. Try the Decades of Style site.

  7. I am looking for the pattern with the short bed jacket I saw before on your web site. Thanks so much!


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