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Numeral Card Holder

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Posted by Mary Beth at The Stitchery August 25, 2008

I can finally upload photos (yay!) but now can’t send email so if you’ve tried to contact me and I’m atypically quiet, please know that I am here, hitting the send button over and over and over LOL. We seem to have a major problem with the internet service in our area since last Thursday.

New Product Developed! I’m really grateful my customer has asked me to make this. It’s thrilling to create something new and to get the opportunity to improve on what is already in the marketplace. I’m also thrilled that HusPartner and I were able to collaborate on this product. He’s my hero!


The job to be done is to build a holder for the numeral cards so they are displayed on a wall in the classroom in the correct order in which the cards are laid out by the child. Hours were spent laying out the math manipulatives, measuring, squaring up the fabric, testing stitches and threads and drafting the template to be cut by the laser cutter.

Development of Numeral Card Holder

Here’s the template for the vertical stitches after lasering. The plastic sheets come with a beige plastic film for protection during cutting and handling. The plastic film must be removed so the fabric under the template can be squared out.



Two templates are cut: one for the horizontal cuts and one for the vertical cuts. Vanishing pen is used to mark the stitching lines onto the fabric. If the cuts were all on one template, well, you’d have just little pieces and no template. Pictures are better than words: here’s the two templates laid on top of the cards and you can see both the horizontal and vertical marking cuts.


Here the Holder is all stitched up in the light from the window. I have no idea where the “60” card went, it is still MIA but I will find it, yes I will, Lord willing.


Here it is, almost ready to ship to my dear, hardworking customer. It’s lacking the hardware for hanging it on the wall and the heading support needs to be cut down as the thickness of the side seams are holding the wooden bar up at the top of the panel. Huspartner cut the supporting wooden piece the same length as the finished hanger. He can easily cut it down to fit.


My customer has built her school from the ground up and over the years we have made almost everything in her classrooms including the furniture. She’s a real gem and when she couldn’t find enough properly trained Montessori teachers in her area, she opened her own training center. So typically Montessori: when you need something you go out and do it, build it, create it. She’s a treasure.

I have one more small one to make for her and than I need to make a big one to hold the Large Numeral Cards.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Beautiful done MaryBeth and Dave. Funny to see that you use a different number for the nine than we use in Europe 9.

  2. Neat! What a great tool for learning and classroom organization.

  3. Mary, Thanks for all the work you did on the beautiful “Numeral card holder” I can’t wait to get it a d put it up in my class. Beth

  4. Wow Mary Beth, Thanks so much for sharing this process with us. While I was reading though, I wondered how and if you made an actual sample before the final product. If you did make a sample, did you take it as far as or as close to the final stage?
    Hope what I am trying to ask is clearer than mud? LOL…

  5. So funny, just read Els comment too, and that was also the first thing I saw, that 9, and just couldn’t get used to looking at it and wondered if that is a Montessori ‘nine’. Interesting that we both picked it up.

  6. Oh Beth, thanks so much for stopping by. I’m so glad you like it! It has been a thrill.

    Gemma: You’re making perfect sense. It’s called making a prototype. We thoroughly tested all through the process so I had originally thought that the first fully finished version, the one I’m showing here, would ship out. Then I slept on it and decided on a tiny improvement. This version will be the display, not Beth’s new Holder.

    As to the style of the 9…there are multitudinous fonts that Montessorians favor. For this particular material the straight sided 9 removes the difficulty the children might have in distinguishing between the 6 when it turned up side down and the 9. With other materials we offer many different fonts: Manucript, Script, Cursive, Italic, etc, etc.

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  8. beautiful and original…. hugs, Paco

  9. Looks very professional. Well done.


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