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I’m in a Yellow Mood

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I don’t get out very often, it’s true. I usually say “They don’t let me out very often”, just for the laughs but really that is the way it feels sometimes. I am persuaded by what is outside my window. Maybe it’s the yellow daffodils and buttercups and forsythia and Carolina Jessamine in bloom right now but I’m thinking Yellow!

Dress n Coat

Nancy Erickson offered this wonderful Silk Gabardine in this deep yellow so, yes, I bought some. I believe it is my first fabric purchase of this year! I had the yellow and white boucle from my trip to Michael’s Fabrics last fall so I just had to have the Gabardine to go with it. Perfect match!

They are hanging in what suffices for a “story board” at The Stitchery. All the fabrics are on hangers and located so that’s what you see when you walk in or go to the cutting table or clam press or kitchen. It is a way to put the colors in front of my eyes and spur on the commercial sewing so I can get back to something more personal. (big grin!) Besides I love colors!!!


That’s how it happens here: I get the fabrics and then find or create the patterns. Not at all logical, where the concept is first drawn out and then pattern chosen and then the fabric. I do it the way I do it because I don’t get out to fabric stores much.
I have the fabric and am dreaming of a dress from the solid and a coat from the boucle.

Off I went to Hancocks, which is the only sewing store I can drive to without making it a day trip and making baby-sitting arrangements for the Westie-dog who has been with me all day long, every day of her life since we got her except for when we’ve kenneled for a business trip. I think the most time she’s spent shut in the house has been 3 hours.

At Hancocks I looked through New Look patterns and found a number of Asian inspired patterns that could be used for the aforementioned Sherwani! I’ll bet you all knew about them. Well, you should have known about them. I mean, I hope I am the only one who never gets let out.

Anyway, I never look at New Look patterns, guess they came along after my prime time and I just never had the habit. Almost bought a few but I didn’t go over board since sewing a Sherwani was not on my agenda for this fabric. I tried to stay focused and disciplined.

I did pick up New Look 6832 and Els at The Sewing Divas suggested that I make a muslin of just the collars styles to decide which one I like. Hmmmm. I had planned to just use the version that is displayed in a check and circled in red below: But that is a nice shawl collar style. Now I’m waffling. Is this why my uncut pattern stash is so big??? Probably so!


Looking over the pattern instructions I was amazed that no mention is made to interface or pad out the sleeve cap at all. How do people with no tailor training sew up these patterns?? Other than that I thought the instructions were much more helpful than most of the Big 4 patterns I’ve seen. But I am totally challenged when it comes to instructions.

Well, I’ll let it percolate while I finish sewing up the commercial orders.

Oh! and here’s a wonderful silk piece from Michael’s Fabrics. It is a Silk Faille from a California designer.


I think it demands to be a long dress summer dress topped with maybe a short pink jacket. Not sure where I’ll wear it but Que sera sera. We’ll just see.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Ohhhhh I love all of your yellows…and you couldn’t have been to far gone because you realize that yellow is hot this year!!!

  2. Fantastic yellow fabrics, they all look so fresh and ready for spring and summer.
    Great way to hang your fabrics acting as a mood board.

    You do not have to make a real muslin neckline to see what suits you, you can also use “paint” and draw the lines on a picture. Much faster and you can see which neckline you prefer.

  3. I’m loving the yellows! It’s one of my favorite colors, winter or summer. Instructions in sewing patterns are so sparce and vague. It’s one of the reasons people give up trying to learn to sew. Not to mention how many errors there are on the patterns, themselves.

  4. Oh I love the yellows, so pretty and summery!

  5. The yellows are fabulous! I see those fabrics are sort of a like a carrot out there, reminding you to get the work done so that you can make those fabrics up! That’s is odd about the pattern instruction. I don’t think you could get the look on the envelope without sleeve heads of some kind unless that fabric is really, really stiff already.

  6. That’s the yellow I have to wear EVERYDAY to work … only I have to pair it with basic black! I like your story board better than mine right now … other than the whites for the Communion dress, it is mostly still blacks!

  7. Fabulous fabrics! Love the yellow. It feels like a happy color. Love the idea of just tacking fabrics on the wall too – as someone else here already said, it’s a motivator to get to it.

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