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Rally Apr 1 in Washington DC

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It is totally odd that there is so little concern over, or attention paid, to the law that has driven so many out of business and cost the economy billions in lost inventory, sales and jobs. I mean, given the billions for stimulus, the down economy and all. It’s just plain Weird!

I’ve only posted a couple of times about the CPSIA and the last time I did someone immediately hit my blog entry using the Dept of Justice’s ISP (they haven’t been back since that hit). See: Unbelievable…. so don’t tell me that there isn’t an awareness of the problems.

Surely you all have heard about this thing, right? The lead in toys law? TV writers, (CSI and Heros) have made reference to it but few politicians will touch it.

I’ve spent months on it. You can get caught up on the Rally here: Amend The CPSIA

In order to bring the issues to Congress (who has 4 times canceled hearings on this law with no plans to reschedule) and Washington a rally has been planned for April 1! Here, reprinted with permission from Amend the CPSIA is the list of speakers for the rally. The speakers include scientists and compliance managers, industry representatives and politicians as well as crafters, resellers, and manufacturers. Quite impressive! I wish I could be there but I can follow online.

Nathan Fleisig, Compliance Manager
American Apparel and Footware Association

Richard G. Riley, Owner
Fredericktown Yamaha

Robert Burns, Board Member

Carol Baicker-McKee

Melanie Tommey, Owner
Mel’s Country Crafts

Rick Woldenberg, President
Alliance for Children’s Product Safety
Educational Products

Steven Kanor, President & CEO
Toys for Special Children, Inc.

Cecilia Leibovitz, President
Craftsbury Kids
Handmade Toys

Rob Wilson, Vice President
Challenge & Fun, Inc./ Handmade Toy Alliance
Handmade Toys

Jill Chukas, Owner
Crafty Baby/Handmade Toy Alliance Handmade

Scott Krueger, Owner
Westwood Design
Juvenile Furniture

John Engler, President
National Association of Manufactureres

Youth Rider
American Motorcycle

Barbara Beck

Rick Reiss, Principal Scientist

Eileen Moyer, Director of Regulatory Regulations
Reckitt Benckiser Spec. Products

Susan Baustian, Director
Once Upon a Child/Winmark Corp.
Thrift Stores

Carter Keithley, President
Toy Industry Association

National Bulk Vending

Members of Congress
The Hon. Jim DeMint, R-SC
The Hon. Joe Barton, R-TX
The Hon. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN
The Hon. Phil Gingrey, R-GA
The Hon. George Radonovich, R-CA
The Hon. Cliff Stearns, R-FL
The Hon. Ed Whitfield, R-KY

There are rumors that a Democrat that was going to speak at the rally was “told by the party leadership” in no uncertain terms, to stay away. That’s the same hands off approach I’ve gotten from my Democratic representatives in Washington. A letter saying: we’re enforcing this law and here’s the Guide for Small Businesses. The next piece of advice? apply to the Commission for an exemption. How do I apply for an exemption? Test first so you can present your lead and phthalate free stats with the application.

The radical rightwinger, Hugh Hewitt, has spent time writing and talking about this law

Man, I seem to be sleeping with the enemy! This alignment with the right is a first in my life. I’ve written laws and lobbied on behalf of other issues and hold bi-partisan leanings on problem solving. I’ve never seen such hush-hush barriers and refusal to even confront the issues before. What the Heck is going on???

Where are all those Democrats I’ve voted for and supported all these years??? Turns out that Consumer Safety is they claim this law as their baby even though it was passed almost unanimously. Guess I’m going to spend a lot of money testing things I know are safe. Everything we’ve tested so far have proven within the guidelines we must met this coming August. We knew that…$$$ later we can now prove it.

This is what’s called the Precautionary Principal of regulation. You must prove it is safe before it enters the stream of commerce. The presumption is that it is NOT safe until proven otherwise.

Where did the standards for “safe” come from? Our drinking water, which has more lead in it than the amount a child would get from touching a bicycle or motorcycle and then licking her fingers? But water is not banned: bicycles and motorcycles are. The science used to set the standards could very well be “junk science”. We have no scientific advisers to the Congress. Congresspersons learn their science from the last person leaving their office.

How do we, a manufacturer of classroom materials to a small niche market, stay in business?

Magic! I guess and I’d say there are few who care whether we do or not, even though we are the largest employer in a small rural area.

Something’s just not right with this picture.


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  1. I say don’t capitulate. That’s what they are hoping for. Common sense says that these products passed our borders successfully. I’m not doing China’s job. Put the burden on the importers of these goods. There may need to be a test case before the courts to resolve this.

    • I have nothing to capitulate. We already make very safe educational materials and have always held our products to the highest standards. We now have the added burden of paperwork and testing costs.

      But what do you consider capitulation? Shutting down the company and putting a whole bunch of people out of work?


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