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$4bn Lost to the Economy So Far: Pass me that Stimulus

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Don’t believe that CPSIA has cost us $4 billion? Check this out: Economic Impact of the CPSIA And that’s just the amounts PlumPrivy knows about.

And on the Democrat front: The party is blaming Nancy Nord, acting Chair of the Consumer Protection Agency for the problems with this legislation. That is the official Democratic Party’s stance: replace Nancy Nord. It’s all her fault. See Friday’s letter from The Honorable Democratic Senator from Illinois, Dick Durban, from his own legislative website.

It’s a true nasty-gram.

Durbin Blasts CPSC Chair for Recent Comments on Criticizing New Consumer Safety Laws


Her agency hasn’t received the allocated funds yet and she certainly can’t be taken to task for listening to the struggling manufacturers and retailers in the US.

I guess it’s all out war against US manufacturers. Yeah, good idea: send us all to foreign countries where we can source locally and employ non-US citizens!!!

what the….????


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  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Also, thanks for your input about the Princss Wrap top. I’ll find fabric with the suggested amount of stretch listed on the pattern and go from there.


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