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Amend The CPSIA Rally April 1-Stream It!!!

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The Amend the CPSIA Rally is in Washington DC tomorrow at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center in room HVC201. Get help and directions here.

You can stream the rally live from 10 to 12 Eastern Time. Sign up here before hand! The Rally Speaker List has gotten better and better. You’ll love the range of concerned individuals. This is not a law opposed along partisan lines. It affects everyone who makes things for children.

(I know I’ve been ranting and writing thought-dense posts about this but it’s serious folks!!!!)

How does the CPSIA affect the home sewer?

Those Swarovski crystals that add beautiful bling to tiny tee shirts? They are full of lead!

You can’t buy the crystals for use on your children’s things, nor can you give away a shirt with these dangerous gobs of glass, donate them to a thrift shop, and of course, it’s illegal to sell them in retails stores. Many retailers don’t even know this yet so they risk $100,000 per item sold.

Stashed fabric may have to go to the landfills! Unless the law is amended the very fabric and dyes and thread in the items you make for your child will have to be tested and certified to be lead free. Found any cloth jobbers who can give you a certificate of compliance? They can’t. Most often they don’t know where the cloth was made nor how it was made. Big apparel industry scientists have tested and testified at a hearing of the Consumer Protection agency that there is virtually no lead in plain fabric (watch out for metallics!) so the Agency has written a Guide for Small Business that exempts for the moment our stashes.

Then there’s zippers and eyelets, notions of all kinds, and sneaky sewing aids like FrayChek (is there phthaltes in that?)

Even though the Consumer Protection Agency has issued a stay on enforcing this awful law for a year, the State Attorney Generals of all 50 states have been authorized to go after anyone or company that is violating the law. And it’s a stay of enforcement, not a stay of the law itself. As of Feb 10, 2009, it’s illegal to sell anything that doesn’t meet the terms of the law. Period. It’s already done.

Comforting myths still abound: this law protects children and is not a threat to home or business. Read about the myths here: Bookroom. No children will be really protected by this law! And you must let this Big Brother legislation makes decisions for you as a parent or grandparent. Mwahahahahaha!

Of course you all have heard of pre-1985 books (possibility of lead in ink); affects all libraries public and school) and ATV’s (dirt bikes) as well as bicycles, cheap clothing and toys found at thrift stores. But you can still buy lead shot sinkers to put on your fishing line when you wish to get away from all the noise and sit by the pond this summer. Be sure to use pliers to clamp them onto the line….

No fancy sewing pictures! Argggghhhhhh!

I ask your forgiveness if I’ve bored you yet again. Politicos have stolen my life.

About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. I don’t know much about all this, not being American, but it does strike me as quite ridiculous. I have no problem with bans and recalls when something like kids’ play jewelry is found to contain excess lead, but surely this is going overboard in a big way. I hope for the sake of small manufacturers like you (and larger ones too) that this rally has some effect.

  2. I do sew for children, although not technically not for profit—not yet anyway. It was in my master plan for the future. I’ve tried to make sense of this CPSIA stuff, but I’ve had a hard time interpreting a black and white answer. In typical government fashion, there probably isn’t one…..a clear answer that is!


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