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Hot Patterns Annisette Dress – A Muslin

I’m on a roll sewing up knit dresses, loving something simple after conquering the difficult jacket fabric blogged at The Sewing Divas that took up much of my sewing time for the month of October. I haven’t sewn many knits for the past few years and really don’t buy them often.

I have some acrylic double knit from Michael’s Mom’s store, A Fabric Place. Why am I always talking about Michael’s Fabrics???

I got to stop there on a sales trip last Fall and again during this October when we made a furniture delivery in Massachusetts. So Micheal has much of my fabric budget for the past couple of years. I don’t have a big budget these days but considering the mistakes I’ve made in the past when buying online, it’s probably best if I get to fondle fabrics before I buy them.

This inexpensive piece is a test to see whether if I like wearing magenta and gold. They are quite outside of my usually palette and perfect for a muslin. I don’t know whether or not I’ll ever actually wear this dress.

Double knit fabric has very little stretch so I pulled the HP Annisette Dress (AKA HP 1021), a sheath with a little waist shaping, no darts, gathering in the sleeve head and only a little gathering in the sleeve cuff. The bands on this dress do not require the stretch that the newer Uptown/Downtown Dress bands need to have. The wrong side of my fabric has mostly gold and yellow threads showing so I used that for the contrast at the neck, cuff, and hem.

Again Hot Patterns has produced a great draft that fits me well and this comfy dress will become a favorite silhouette.

The only change I made to the pattern was to shorten the dress by 3.5″. It is a straight sheath with little waist shaping and no darts and I like it for the way it fits without the armscye being large and droopy.

I don’t think it looks like the envelope illustration, do you? The neckline is much higher and the sleeves at the cuffs are not as gathered as shown nor is the cuff as small and the sleeves are not “batwinged” at all.

So without further discussion here’s the dress, sewn without alterations except to cut a size 14 through the shoulders and bust and a size 16 from the waist on down:

On my next rendition of the dress I’ll lower the front neckline about a half an inch. I wonder how well wool crepe would work using this pattern?

I wanted to post this before the next sales trip so let’s get it straight that these horrid eggplant tights are only because of the press of time!!! Forget ’em. I planned to crop them out of the picture but then how would I explain that dog head in the lower corner??? So you get to see them. Darn.

Oh that dog…my constant sidekick who wouldn’t fall for the ruse of playing fetch with a stick. He looks pretty suspicious, doesn’t he?

But no, he wouldn’t go away. Hey, after 13 years on a chain all alone who can blame him for sticking so close? I’m going to treat him to lots of long walks in Florida with his buddy Gaely GoLightly. There are a number of preserves in the area we are going where dogs are welcome as long as they are on leashes and any poops are cleaned up.

I can do that for this old gentle dog. Maybe some day he will tire of being so close to humans all the time.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Go with the wool crepe, it will be fab! (I like this one in orange, curious to see if you end up liking to wear it).

  2. Actually, I kinda like the contrast of the tights. Very downtown. And I love your constant companion! He reminds me of my sewing lab(rador) Otto.

  3. Great looking dress and match up with the hose. You look so retro cool.

  4. Love the dress and your empathy for
    animals. You’re a gem.

  5. I too like the whole outfit as is.
    The print is very pretty and the style of the dress suits you beautifully 🙂

    Your friend Patch deserves to be spoiled, after all he’s been through, I don’t blame him for not being too far from you. You are truly his guardian angel.

  6. That looks like an easy dress to wear–comfortable. Very nice.

  7. Mr. Patches will likely not tire of consideration and care after such a long time without. The dress looks great – very bright and lively, just like you!

    Preserves are wonderful places for our canine friends. Enjoy!

  8. The color suit you and the dress looks great on you.Have fun in Florida next week.

  9. I think the dress is great – it is fun and looks extremely comfortable.

    Awww, that dog probably thinks he’s in heaven now and doesn’t want to leave! He’s looking good now with all the love and attention he’s getting now. The photos show how shiny his coat is now, too.

  10. I like the fabrics you chose. I’m seeing this dress pop up more and more. It looks really comfy. I would think that maybe if you make sure there is enough ease through the armscye, that it would work with a wool crepe.

  11. Love the dress, and the tights make it! Where are you finding all these great tights and leggings?


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