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Personal Style: Nancy Nix-Rice ~ Looking Good!

Yesterday, I forced myself to do a couple of things that amazed me:  I found a Critter Sitter to leave the dogs with for the day and drove to Nashville for an ASG seminar with Nancy Nix-Rice!

Here’s a sampling of the seminar topics from the flyer for this event:

·Your coloring classification: warm or cool … or something in between.
·Solutions to 8 most common figure challenges
·The (almost) universal secret to looking instantly taller & trimmer.
·8 ways to appear 10 pounds thinner instantly … without losing an ounce.
·How the right undergarments strip away years and pounds.
·How your facial structure dictates design details and accessory shapes.
·Accessories – the exact shoes, belts and handbags to finish your look.


Oh yay!!!  Nancy is so funny, charming and down to earth.  She worked with the group in such a non-threatening way that everyone was comfortable “celebrating” her own beauty differences and we all learned just tons about how to accessorize, dress, pick colors, create a wardrobe, and view ourselves as others see us.

Which reminds me of my favorite lines from the poem To A Louse, by Robert Burns (from the website)

O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!
It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
An’ foolish notion:
What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us,
An’ ev’n devotion!


I haven’t been a member of the Nashville ASG for a number of years as I don’t get up and drive to Nashville for 9 am meetings but once a year even though I have some really great girlfriends that used to be active.

I was pleased to have Loretta G sit next to me and Laura A sit next to Loretta!  I don’t get to see these ladies but once a year or so and both of them are so inspirational.  They met while they were both employed by the CDC and I met them when the ASG Nashville chapter was forming.

Loretta published the Fitting Tips newsletter for many years and has written and taught about fitting, sewing, styling and the use of pattern drafting software.  She blogs here at

Laura is a scientist who now works for the TN Bureau of Investigation and you just ought to see her badge!!!  She is busy with her new hobby, dancing the Tango and her bright complexion and trim silhouette reflect the addition of this wonderful exercise.  She’s my hero.  And she’s also a logical thinker that adds a lot to a sewing meetup.  She’ll bring in two different patterns to compare the two, and bring swatches from a new online vendor.  I like her style.

Both looked just gorgeous and we all have had health issues for the past number of years so it was excellent to be together in good health this time.  Being healthy does make such a difference in our sense of selves, does it not?

I can’t cover all the things we learned in a day long seminar so I’ll highlight what I took away.  Loretta stayed afterward to get her colors done and I’m so hoping that I will find out what she learned!  I had to get back to the dogs, Patch especially,  as this was the first time he had been away from me and with a stranger.  They did fine but were more than happy to see me.  I made the right choice to get back to them as Patch was looking pretty insecure.

I have had Nancy’s book, Looking Good, for many years and she now offers a CD.  She brought a huge rack of scarves for us all to try on and find what colors and combinations would best highlight our faces.

The one scarf she kept pulling out for me I bought and took home:  it’s a deep bronze on black so the bronze picks up my hair color and is a medium high contrast with the black so it matches my contrast levels.  I am wearing it today and feel very put together:

The rules are:  don’t use greater values of contrast in a print fabric than the contrast value in the face.  So the scarf fits the bill.

So now, thanks to Nancy, I know I have “rich” coloring, a cool complexion,  with medium high contrast and medium brightness on a rectangular body silhouette (due to the high hip shelf in back)  I have a better handle on how to present myself.

I now know that in those cases where I don’t have the right color shoe for an outfit I can pick up my hair color in my purse and shoes.

I deliberately wore pieces that have bothered me to see what the feedback would be

The verdict is that I can wear the pink jacket as long as I bring in something that relates to my coloring but the dress is “too bright” for my coloring, I’m not as bright as the fabric.  LOL.  I also have to keep my makeup in the cool range to wear the pink.

(No one said anything about the leggings, except for Laura who said that’s what the tango dancers wear.  I’ll bet, though, had I pushed it, that the advice would have been to skip the leggings with this dress.  That’s what my fashion sense says anyway.  At the very bottom line the dress is too long for the ankle length leggings.)

I do recommend catching Nancy’s seminar and having your colors done if you can.  If you’re responsible for programs for your ASG group this is one wonderful lady to bring to your members.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Isn’t it interesting the difference between your two outfits? I wouldn’t have even said that was the same jacket, at first glance. That scarf is great! I wish I could attend one of these seminars, I’ll have to keep my eye out.

  2. You look great in that scarf! Do you know what the difference is between Nancy’s version of color is vs. the “color me beautiful” version, that I had done in the 80’s? I was determined to be a summer, which explains why even though I like yellow, I look really ill if I wear anything but a very soft butttery yellow. Reading your results, it sounds a bit more detailed.

  3. I need to clarify – it sounds like Nancy’s version of color is more detailed….

  4. I recently reread this book – I have had it for years. And I picked up bits of information that I had missed before or had just plain forgot. Pick up your hair colour and your eye colour! Most of my clothes are my “colours” but since reading the book again I have been putting outfits together a bit differently – making sure I have the right contrast (medium low)and an interesting combo to suit my hair and eyes. Today I have teal cardigan skirt and brown shoes, top and necklace. It really does make you feel pulled togther. I have even been doing my eye makeup as per the book – one colour to accent the eyes and another to accent the hair. That scarf you are wearing really does reinforce your natural colouring and flatters you beautifully and makes the pink jacket work so well.

  5. I love your post because you sound so inspired and excited! Isn’t that the greatest feeling? You got terrific advice. I have that book. I must pull it out and look at it agian.

  6. I made the coloring thing many years ago, and I remember what a confidence boosting it is.
    You look real good with this scarf!

  7. What an informative post 🙂
    While like you I am high-contrast, my hair has golden red tones…so I need to avoid pink anything…lipstick, blush, fabrics, etc. I can wear Black shoulder to toe, but must wear a bronze tone or clear royal blue or clear green scarf or shawl. YOU look stunning in pinks and plums !

  8. It was a lovely day and always grand to see you MaryBeth! Color swatches should be here in 10 days or so. First step is to cull the stash!

  9. Very Cool – you look great in these combos! This trip was definitely worth the effort.

  10. Hi MaryBeth,
    It looks like you had a fantastic, enjoyable day with Nancy Rice and your friends.
    Your new bronze scarf looks fantastic on you and yes the pink dress is too bright for you comparing to the first picture with the scarf. I had my colors done years ago and can recommend it to anyone.

  11. The pink and brown with your new scarf are stunning! It really does make your already beautiful coloring more striking.

  12. Thanks for the review of the seminar and the great photos to illustrate your points. Wow! She was sure right about the scarf and levels of contrast, etc!


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