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Piping the Lining Edge and Knitting a Little

Here’s the piping I had made up for the join between the orange and purple wool and the acetate lining for the Marfy 1977 coat. Because the silk used has cool stripes in it I wanted to create fabulous chevrons with the strips but ran out of any thing I could use to fill the piping. I also wanted the piping to have more “statement” next to the loud wool and flashy acetate so I experimented with the width of the second layer of piping. I’m not satisfied with the results of the rat tail piping and flat edge:

Piping and Flat Edge Lining

Next step is to make some cording on the knitting machine, using a yarn I can live without:

Making Cording

I caste on 7 stitches, knit some waste to get going, and punched the right part button on. Each pass from right to left the machine knits on all needles and before passing the carriage from left back to the right I pull out the middle needle. The machine then only knits on the middle needle and the stitch pulls the ends inward, creating the inward curl and making the knitting into a cord.

I see that this second cording is going to be bigger than normal so I hope my “creativity” (read “playing fast and loose with the rules”) hasn’t produced something that is too autre or eccentric. We’ll see.

I have overcome my fear of the knitting machine for yet another time. It seems so mysterious until I sit down and stumble through the routine. And then it’s all routine, back and forth, back and forth, pushing that carriage, hundreds of passes: good simple muscular, grunt work.

Which is good when trying to work off frustration at finding that fabulous pattern that I couldn’t afford: Is. Missing. The. Jacket. Pieces.

J, K, and L are not in the envelope.


I made up some photos to get more detail of the shape of these pieces. You can get larger views by clicking on the photo and then on “sizes” above the photo on the Flikr page where you can chose the larger sizes:

Missing J, K, L Pieces Missing


The instructions for the font show a small bust dart

Front Instructions

And instructions for the back piece show a shoulder dart

Gusset Instructions

I can draft this style of jacket since I have the Coat & Skirt Making book, but I really wanted to see Edith Head’s interpretation.

Fortunately I found another copy of the pattern (for half the price) and the seller guarantees that all the pieces will be included.

Meanwhile, the knitting machine has help me keep the blood pressure down. That’s a good thing. I can probably drag out the finishing of this coat until the new pattern copy arrives. It’s always something!

Happy Sewing!


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. That is a wonderfully marvelous coat, especially with all the special detailing that you are adding to it.

  2. I like your piping. It’s a nice finishing detail.

    Uh Oh.. missing pattern pieces ~ frustrating .. but I’m happy you found another pattern, a happy ending.

  3. Oh what a bummer about the missing pattern pieces…glad you found another pattern 🙂

  4. Your plaid coat is going to be absolutely fabulous. So jealous here. It’s really a shame about your jacket pattern without all it’s pieces. Dang! I’m glad you found another though. I had never heard of Magyar until your recent post. I am very intersted in following along as you construct that jacket. It looks a bit complicated with that gusset. You are such an excellent seamstress that you’ll make it perfectly.

  5. Eye candy!!! I didn’t know you owned a knitting machine! I won’t even venture into that territory. May I just say that I have been enjoying your frequent postings….lol…thanks!

  6. Just a thought….wondering whether old silk ties could be used for pipings!!!


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