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Skirts and a Jacket, Done

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The Edith Head jacket muslin is finished. Click on any picture to make them larger at the Flikr album.


This is a lightweight and spongy wool/spandex fabric, difficult to press, tailor and photograph because the gold is laminated on and it’s very stretchy, but it’s finished.  Next time I’ll use a better fabric, I’m getting tired of difficult fabrics.

I’ve done two straight skirts from my own draft

Silk/Linen Raspberry


The jacket that goes with the raspberry skirt is under the alterations glass. I swore I’d not try to fix it but I just can’t seem to leave it alone.  The color will NOT be ignored.

Note to self:  pass on silk/linen in the future.  It is too stretchy and wrinkly.

Satin-weave Wool.

This is a wonderful fabric, top quality and picked up from the remnant table at Textile Fabrics in Nashville for a song.


Wish I could have purchased more of it!

The chiffon blouse ended up to be fitted after all.  I’m not in love with the diagonal drape but, hey, I am adventurous and try almost anything at least 15 times…

Chiffon Top

So,  between the drafting, the cutting and the fitting, my weight fluxed, so everything has been taken in and the blouse needed to be nipped throughout the waist. This business of owning a body is tricky!

Gratuitous dog shot

Dear little Gaely still supervises me closely.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. wow! very smart. I love the colourful eyeful.

  2. Hi Mary Beth .- You look great, and the colors are divine. I understand how difficult the tissues … agggg … But everything looks fine. Of course, I have to publish my suit (one day). My pictures are horrible and I have to do it again. I made the jacket for one client, with some changes. I changed the pattern of the collar, it was not satisfied with the original. Show soon, I hope.

    A hug for you and enjoy this suit. It’s wonderful, really.

  3. The entire outfit is wonderful, but the blouse is the absolute BOMB – I love it.

  4. I understand the no-love for silk/linen…on me it wrinkles horribly but it is a most magnificent color and the skirt does look good. I really like the entire outfit! And am very jealous that you have an Edith Head pattern to work with!

  5. Beau-t-full! The whole outfit is gorgeous. I LOVE that jacket. It is stunning! Cute doggie too!

  6. Love the colours and the draped blouse if lovely on you.

  7. Congrats on finishing your new colourful summer outfit.I know from experience how linen/silk fabrics wrinkles, but the colour is amazing.

  8. Lovely outfit!! I like the top with the diagonal drape too, it looks lovely on you. Wonderful colours!

  9. What a fantastic color. Your skirt pattern really is perfect for you. The jacket turned out cute too.

  10. Just love that blouse! Very flattering. I think I need one with that styling. 🙂

  11. I’ve had that same problem with silk/linen as well, but I keep falling in love with the colors. I think I always manage to convince myself that “this time” I will figure out how to make it work.

    But the outfit looks fabulous on you and I adore the colors — so flattering on spring-like on you.

  12. I like the diagonal draping in the blouse! And the colors of the whole outfit are so springy. I can’t comment as to the silk/linen fabric, I’ve never seen any in person. I *still* can’t bring myself to order on-line, as I need to get my hands on it before buying. Probably not a totally bad thing, as my stash is already full of things that need to be sewn yet! On the other hand, I’m probably depriving myself of some wonderful fabrics.

  13. Wow! Those colors are amazing and you look fabulous! The blouse is beautiful with either skirt and the jacket is very interesting.

  14. You look wonderful, Mary Beth! I love your outfit!

  15. Love the color on you. It’s so uplifting and spring-time-y. The draping on the top looks fantastic. You’re stylin’

    Scritches to Gaely too.

  16. I just love the colors of those skirts on you!

  17. Mary Beth….wonderful ensembles, as always.
    Your sense of style and superb sewing never disappoints !

  18. Bit late in commenting, but you look very good in the different combo’s. Love to see the top being a bit “different” with another color. The top itself is very special with the diagonal lines. Great work.

  19. Mary Beth, you are fabulous!

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