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A Long Road to Bling – A Pictorial

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Vogue 2947










Verbage: I’ve wanted to make up the sweet little view C top in Vogue’s 2947 pattern package, ever since I bought the fabric. I had extra yardage so I made it long, but not long enough to be a “Maxi Dress”.

It clearly needed a slip although the Vogue photo doesn’t really show that, does it? Once again I’m impressed with the studio lightening and photographer’s skills to bring out the best in a pattern cover. Noooo, no way am I jealous! hahahahahaha, with all those lumps and bumps of mine, no I don’t need a professional…..


I pulled the discontinued KwikSew nightgown pattern and made the slip in white silk weight power dry. Per the pattern’s instruction suggestions I used the blind hem stitch to scallop the edges.

Love the Kwik Sew pattern! The power dry worked perfectly with this pattern, too.

So the white slip turned into a project to make the view with the diamond insert and decorate it with iron on bling. I made 2 exactly alike and sent one off to my tinier and taller sister.

We always loved the full sweep of an elegant 60’s nightgown with a well fitted bust when we were young girls.

I ordered the Kwik Sew pattern through their Archived Patterns service so if you find an old pattern you simply MUST have these archived patterns are $25.00 plus shipping and the service is great.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. OMG, I love love LOVE that slip on you!!!!! The top is really pretty too, but that slip is To. Die.

  2. Those slips are fantastic, the blue one could be worn as a dress too with the bling.

  3. Wow! Did you use the exact same fabric as on the pattern envelope? This is beautiful!

    • Thanks, Carolyn. Yes, EOS had this fabric at the same time that the pattern was published. I used a very sheer but stable tricot for the yoke and white china silk for the ties and front slit facing.

  4. great ideas. I have this nightgown pattern and used it a zillion times for both me and my mom… she likes it because its like her old “Olga”. and loved what you did with the Sui top!

  5. That Kwik Sew pattern is really a find! And you know me, I say add more bling! A swath of stones under the entire bust would look great. I admit though that rhinestones are kind of a pain to apply en masse, but M&J does sell transfer film, its sticky and the design is worked out upside down and then just placed onto the garment and heat set.

    • Bling is good, Phyllis, and more bling is better, it can be true! However for comfort in a nightgown bling should have a backing: in this case the diamond shape of the insert has a facing piece. I found local bling at Hancocks, half price. Immediately cheap, fun and easy 🙂

  6. So very lovely! I am in awe. I think that was the same pattern you wrote about a long time ago, wasn’t it? I found mine on Ebay for a couple (and I really mean a couple) of dollars. I was very lucky. And if you think you have lumps and bumps…….think again, you are smooth………lol.

    • Yes, I did write about this pattern 2 summers ago, Heather, and you were really lucky to find it so cheaply. Hang on to it!

      Have you made yours up? I always would love to see your projects so I keep hoping you’ll start a blog for show and tell (LOL)

  7. summersetbanks

    Total elegance! The slip has such a great shape and the bling is just right without going over the top.

  8. does that silk weight power-dry hang well? or does it get what I think someone called “velcro butt”?

    • Hi Cathi: The hang and sweep is luxurious! It is a bit heavier than tricot and opaque.

      I have a couple of silk weight power dry knee length pencil skirts that I am living in these days and they don’t cling except if they are “static-y”. Then I wear an anti-static slip underneath.

      The two main care requirements are to wash this fabric with laundry detergent that has no added fabric softener. Softener causes the wicking fibers to clump up and no longer have the capacity to wick moisture away from the body.

      The second is to hang dry. It can be dried in the dryer but the static is incredible! The garments dry overnight on the shower curtain pole and no static.


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