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Sandra Betzina’s Vogue 1058 Cardigan

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Blue Bk

I’ve made 3 of these cardigans and sent one off as a gift.


I kept two: a blue version and one in salmon. I love how the thin acrylic of the blue one feels. It fights off the chill of the air conditioning we have to have running for 2 months solid.

Blue Ft

The salmon acrylic fabric is thicker. I did not fit it as closely as the blue and it looks, well, dowdy, don’t you think???

salmon ft Salmon Bk

Let me tell you my theories as to why the blue is a tiny bit more chic, if that word could even apply. The side seams and sleeves are the last seam sewn before hemming and I stitched an extra deep seam allowance. The salmon is sewn at the 1 inch side seam and 5/8″ sleeve seam provided for in the pattern.

This last seam on the sides and sleeves is where the adjustments for the stretch of the fabric is made. Even though I chose one size smaller than my measurements, there is still plenty of room for wearing a thick garment underneath the salmon sweater. I may some day adjust the salmon to fit more tightly but with the thickness of the fabric I don’t think I’ll ever be totally pleased.

And the salmon is a denser knit that doesn’t drape well. I like the blue fabric so much better. I think a thin knit looks better in this pattern.

But the ties are going to be inappropriately thick, no matter what. Easy to explain: there are 5 thicknesses of fabric in there. The shape of the inserted ties provide a “hidden” bust dart so there is a tie front and a tie facing that sandwich in the cut edges of the bodice top and the bodice bottom. But that’s the price paid for invisible shaping and no buttons and no button band.

I chose to not use ribbon for the ties since I didn’t want to have to do unusual maintenance at laundry time. But if I were to make this pattern up for a stylish outfit I would definitely consider using the option given for a ribbon tie.

I really didn’t enjoy sewing this pattern, I spent more time picking out seams than sewing them. I got confused at every seam whilst constructing the front inserted ties. Oh, I was as careful as I could be, laid everything out ahead of time, and, darn it, sewed them together wrong. It was like I couldn’t do anything right, over and over again! T.h.r.e.e. t.i.m.e.s. Talk about questioning your own mind! LOL. But I pushed on through. Maybe that’s why I have little drive to sexy up the fat sweater?


They are hard to keep attractive when worn. The front points tend to hang unevenly because of the twists involved in tying the ties. The tie insert is in an awkward place. It hits me at the lower bust, not underneath the bust. That contributes to the dowdy factor, I think. I top stitched the ties into place rather than hand stitching the inner seam down as the pattern instructions would have you do, but still the sweater fabric is too thick for a sleek look.

So, these sweaters are my secret guilty pleasure. I love having sweaters at hand.

I wear them constantly in the house as I don’t like air conditioning. I wear them on the dog walks that by necessity, have to take place after the sun goes down and dusk has fallen. I wear them when being fashionable is not an issue.

But now, you’ve seen them. They’re not a secret any more!

If you make this pattern, pick a silky thin fabric. That’s my best advice. I do hope you don’t have to do as much unpicking of seams as I had to do.



About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. yes I think the blue one is much nicer, flattering and feminine. The pink one belongs on a very old lady sitting on the porch in her rocking chair!

  2. Amazing what a subtle difference in seam allowances makes to a finished garment! Cute pattern, I hadn’t noticed it before. And I think they look just fine on you . . . maybe not the most fabulously gorgeous garment you’ll ever wear, but sometimes a girl just needs some warmth!!

  3. Can you face the ribbon channel with something lighter. about rolling the edge of a bias chiffon or silk piece for the tie, that is, if you need more. 😉

    • Good ideas, Loretta. I thought about it while I was cutting but the ties actually have shaping built into them. I haven’t really analyzed the cut enough to know if going without the shaping in the tie and transferring the shape to the bodice edge would produce a good result. Worth trying sometime, though.

  4. I like the blue one best too! Thanks for sharing an honest assessment of the pattern.

  5. I really like the blue on you. While fabulousness is always great, every once in a while you just need the cozy things. I have a shapeless Irish sweater for that in winter.

  6. I would not say it is dowdy looking…it looks perfect for those air conditioned homes,I feel the same and like to wear something also. A light knit would
    be ideal 🙂 and the colors are both so pretty.

    • I had wanted to try the pattern; however had some concerns after I really looked it over. I appreciate someone else assessing it before I (maybe) tackle it.

  7. Oh, that is SO lovely. And that particular shade of blue is beautiful on you. What a wonderful success!

  8. You look amazing! I agree, the blue is more chic, mostly because of the fabric (which is gorgeous!)

    • I think both photographed well, but probably the lighter weight cardi feels better on the skin. It’s a cute pattern. Now, I must look it up and see what the fabric recommendations are.

  9. I like the blue version best….it sets off your lovely features so well!

  10. Hi, Mary! Thanks for your visit to my blog! I loved your comment! Flamboyant is exactly how my friends describe me sometimes hahahaha
    I like you blog too! I will show up here often 🙂
    I love pink but I do think you look better in blue. Blue looks for sure more “chic” and the pink more ” casual”.
    I love cardigans.
    See you


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