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Ahhh, I Wish They Could All Be Like Nancy Nord

Quote from Loss of Faith in Regulators
from Conversations with Consumers by Nancy Nord

The message I heard over and over was that the requirements we are imposing, along with the growing list of other federal and state regulatory requirements they [furniture makers at High Point, NC] are facing, is becoming an overwhelming burden that is pushing a once-proud American industry off-shore. Several manufacturers that I visited described to me in detail the safety and quality control procedures they have in place–procedures that are working well–and were very critical of our insistence that they change what is working. They were especially angry that changes are being required when there is no demonstrable evidence that enhanced safety will result but there is demonstrable evidence of the significant costs that will be incurred. One furniture company CEO made the point that, in business, costs must be measured against the benefits that will come from additional expenditures. He rightly asked why this principle did not apply to government.

I have not ranted and raved here. I have quietly closed my business of commercial sewing for the classroom after getting absolutely no where with my congresspersons. We have worked hard and waited a long long time for some common sense to take over but we just couldn’t hold out any longer, especially when faced with having to test every button every color, every thread every color, fabric was not exempted even though the manufacturers testified that there is no lead in the dyes these days.

We’ve been ignored, and now The Stitchery is out of business.

Our wood working company uses far fewer components than the sewn products line and so it has had all its components tested for lead and phthalates in compliance with the CPSIA. But my sewn products just don’t make enough profit to have each component, in each color, and each size, to warrant the expensive potential fines and public blacklisting than can be a result of anyone, ever, in any part of the world, or for any reason, making a complaint to the CPSC, our federal regulators.

So, after many years of being a democrat and many years of believing the in ultimate responsiveness of our government, I am defeated and my beloved Stitchery is For Sale.

So I know I’m not voting for any Democrats this year but I’ll be darned if I can find too many Republicans that I feel I can trust. Yikes!


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. i can only imagine how you feel. how terrible and I am sorry.

  2. There’s the rub isn’t Mary Beth. Neither the Dem’s or Repub’s are offering a good choice!
    Sorry you are forced to close. I have been following this on Fashion Incubator and it is amazing what the congress won’t listen to when they are making decisions. So we will get items from off shore that have dubious certification.

  3. Closing the Stitchery – like losing a child, I am sure.

    Alas, it seems that in order to succeed in politics, one must be lobotomized of all common sense and logic, not to mention cause and effect.

  4. The larger problem though is the fact that laws are written with ambiguous language and then turned over to unelected regulators and lawyers to “fine tune”. I will continue to seek out Made in the USA products although they seem to be an endangered species. I hope you can find another endeavor that will bring you much joy.

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  6. I hate to tell you this, but this bill/law was sponsored by Bobby Rush and out of the 106 co-sponsors of this bill…only 5 of them were Republican, 101 were Democrats. It was passed by a democratic majority congress.

    The Bush administration actually fought this bill and took a lot of flack for it. Regardless of what you think about Bush you can’t blame the republicans for this bill/law. It was written and passed by Democrats.

    Here is the link for all of the co-sponsors of this unfortunate law.

    • Thanks Jennifer. I removed the remark to which you are responding but your info is vital to understanding the current situation and I appreciate it. I’ve sure there are few people affected by this legislation who don’t know the background of the CPSIA. However, there are those with their own axes to grind and I do not wish to have my blog become their forum


  7. Sorry to hear that you’ve closed The Stitchery. It’s bad enough when places like yours close due to “cheaper to make overseas”, but when you are regulated out like this, it’s … I don’t have the words at this hour. People are so worried about this country being done in by outside forces, but the way things are going, we’re handing it to them with short-sighted knee-jerk laws and regulations on the part of the government, and the “more and cheaper crap” attitude on the part of consumers as a whole.

    I’m in the same boat on the elections – there doesn’t seem to be candidates that have both my fiscal and social views, which are pretty much in the moderate territory. I may have to go 3rd party again for some spots.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear that you have to close your business due to what sounds to me silly legislation. Best wishes, Sigrid

  9. I toally agree with all you’ve said here. In warehousing, we have to follow many homeland security laws now that won’t really do anything to prevent terrorism.
    Overseas, they can load containers so dangerously that the product falling out can kill folks here unloading them. But let us not “build a house” inside our containers for safety and we’re fined thousands…..
    The over-regulated US companies will go out of business and we’ll have even worse unregulated imports.


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