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Layering Pieces for Travel

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or What Happens When the Whining Stops 🙂 and gray is incorporated into the wardrobe.

Close up

The rust brown color was really bothering me and I was grinding to a halt. But then I noticed: Eureka! The faux suede (it’s called Peachskin, isn’t it???) has a silver gray in it

Swing Jacket and Skirt with Silver Tee

I thought of the wardrobe I did last winter using McCall’s 6244. A guipure lace topper, a steel gray tee, silver sleeveless tee and a swing vest


Ahhh, much better to combine the two, mix-n-match. That introduction of gray revitalized me.

This morning I jumped into modeling without fussing with hair and makeup and doing that helped me not think about how I looked, just be happy and get the photos done. Just Git ‘Er Done. That’s a good motto for me. Too much thinking can stop me in my tracks.

Gray & Brown

Over the past few days I carefully saved my hands for sewing. No gardening, only gentle housework and little typing at the computer. That helped tremendously. Using my KwikSew TNT turtleneck top pattern I grafted on a larger collar and lengthened it into a tunic with side slits. The wind caught the top just as the shutter closed so the front is poofed out. Really, it was the wind, I tell you.

Cowl Tunic Sweater

Git ‘Er Done Production: 1 knit tunic, 2 pairs of elastic waist pants, 1 swing Jacket with matching short skirt and belt, a cowl neck sweater and two “30 Minute Toppers”. Here’s the short topper:

30 Min Knit

Now, I have been thinking about these 30 Minute Toppers for years. I stashed the fabric long ago and have been thinking and thinking. What a waste of brain power! Took me just a few hours to cut and sew them up.

I held up the fabric on my body to get gage the weight of the knit and fix the cut points and then folded the fabric in half lengthwise and then in half crosswise and just cut. What did I have to lose? Here’s the pattern with the dark one already sewn up and approved, laid out on the flowery fabric


Here’s the dress shape cut

Pattern Cut

And here’s the result, good for a long tunic, dress or bathing suit coverup


So. I think I’m done. Add a few pieces of jewelery, a couple of belts and maybe things will work together and maybe they won’t


I’ll just have to play it by ear.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. What wonderful coordinates!

  2. I think the warm and gray look great together and are very flattering. You look so ALIVE in these pieces!

  3. Love each and every one of them! I really am partial to the gray over the rust. What a great combination on you!

  4. my faves are the rust/grey combo and the white with bright explosions of colour

  5. Nothing maybe about it, they look great! I travel to South Carolina next week so you’ve given me some ideas with these great pieces! I especially like the gray swing vest. What pattern is it? Thanks MaryBeth.

  6. Great layering garments, love the blue/gray/rust combination.
    Now you are ready for a short vacation.

  7. Wonderful! You have so many options. Have a wonderful time!

  8. Ohhh! I love your clothes! You have inspired me once again!

  9. MB, all the pieces are fabulous ! Like Ann, I like the gray and rust best, but all the pieces work together so well! …and I really do love your curly hair 🙂

  10. mary beth, i think your hair looks fantastic! everything looks great.

  11. You and the outfits look great! You can get so many looks by layering all the pieces different ways. I also am a bit jealous of your green grass!

  12. I agree that getting older can be a real challenge and I’m sorry to hear about the pain you’ve been having. I do love the outfits you’ve put together – I think you need a pink and/or green belt and/or chunky necklace for that long floral tunic. I think the knit topper is gorgeous. These styles are making me think of Judi Dench’s clothes. The wide legged pants suit you very well – big shoes or not; I wouldn’t notice the shoes at all. Hope your wrists get better!

  13. Loving the new ‘do’. Welcome to the club. It does change your colors slightly, but it really is freeing isn’t it?

  14. Your outfits look wonderful. Gray and rust–what an interesting and unexpected combination! Looks wonderful! I started reading your blog when your hair was auburn and straight. I loved it. But, your silver, curly hair is just as beautiful and becomming as the auburn, and the blonde. You can’t miss, whatever color!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! Trendy and travel ready.

  16. Every outfit is gorgeous and all such great styles. Your fabric choices are absolutely perfect for each piece. You look wonderful.

  17. You are a jazzy lady!


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