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Victory Garden & Bib Overalls Time Again

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I made these in 2004 bibs and posted a review on PR  here.  The issue at the time was to wear them outside of the garden or not, since they were considered “cute” by some but strictly verboten by other fashion experts.   I’m glad I saved them through my skinnier years, they are quite handy now.

I need to make more bibs.  They are so comfy in the garden and as dirty as I get there’s no chance I’d wear them into town, so the viewing public is safe from the terror (sarcastic grin)

I’ve not been sewing so what have I been doing? Not typing, not posting but working hard, helping out on the CNC router at Hello Wood Products, and cooking and baking. Got a new sourdough starter from King Arthur Flours that really is pleasing 🙂 But the cutting table in the garage is now a potting table. Here’s why:

We’ve put in a new 4′ high fence and finally tilled up the old cow pasture that has been our back yard. I have never seen deer in our back yard and only found tracks going through once so a 4′ fence ought to do the trick.
New Fence and Garden

We’ve cut down a pair of 30′ tall Black River Birch trees

Black River Birch

They are beautiful but require trimming up 4x a summer and they shade the garden plot.  This one has a robin still setting on eggs so we wait
Black River Birch Nest

and in the meantime have firewood for the shop next winter
Fire Wood for Next Winter

and bags of chips for the mulch and compost pile shown here with HusPartner’s great 8′ tall poplar bean stakes. The wood is easy to work and won’t warp. I’ve salvaged barn siding of old poplar to make an 8′ round table years ago and it was super tough to get the nails out. Tough wood when it dries, not expensive either.
Bags of chips and Bean Stakes

This has been a slow to make garden because of all the rain and mud and wildly swinging temperatures.
Rain Clouds
Some beans can handle the wet and low temps and others do not want to show themselves
Bean Plants
while the peas are happy with temps in the 50’s and 60’s
Pea Flower
Doesn’t she look like a parrot who is hanging on for dear life?
I figured that a tomato with the name “Mountain Fresh” might survive through the cold
Mountain Fresh Tomato
whereas the Beefsteak tomato will want the heat
and Sweet 100’s Cherry tomatoes will grow anywho
Sweet 100's Cherry Tomatoes
and I always plant them near a holly tree so they will have support.
Sweet 100's Supporting Plants
One year a single plant climbed the 15′ tree and started to cross the roof. 🙂 We had to stand on the running board of the truck to pick! Good plant.
But most of my plants were started from seeds. Here is a flat of my current favorite heirloom: Cherokee Red
Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomatoes & Celosias
next to a few Celosia I am experimenting with
and here’s a tray of various basils, parsleys and a row of oreganos
Basils, oregano, parleys
The okra, Swiss Chard, Spinach, tomatillos, squashes, pole beans, onions, plain parsley, cilantro, jalapenos and pimento peppers are already planted out in the beds. Some will undoubtedly have to be replaced as our wild weather and flooding makes them unhappy.

I’m going to have to wait for warmer weather to plant the corn. Since I’m running out of room I’ll plant in a spiral so there is a better chance of cross pollination. No, I didn’t think that up. It’s a trick I read about when researching Southwest Indian culture and planting practices.

Imagine what a wonderful “maize” (maze) you could make with simply a half acre! No, I won’t do that. HusPartner has been wonderful help in putting in this garden and letting me till up the backyard after 11 years in this house, but I won’t push my luck.

OK, it’s a first year tilling this ground and nothing in the gardening universe is guaranteed.

Except that I’ll be out there in the cool mornings in some new bibs, getting dirty. I’ll show you more about bibs in a week or so, I hope, fingers willing and the creek don’t rise.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Janie Dearborn Mason

    WOW – what a lot of WORK! The nice thing is that you have a lot to show for it with much more to come. I feel like a slug next to you. Hip, Hip Hurrah for your new garden – I am in total admiration.

  2. Wow! You have been working hard. I remember searching in the stores for overalls and could not find my size and as a result I had to lose weight. Excellent sewing!

  3. You have been mighty busy. Your bibs and tomatoes are gorgeous!

  4. Love the bibs 🙂 and the garden is a wonderfu addition.

  5. Fun to see pics of your spread! I admire all your DIY seedlings. You out-serious me as a gardener…seriously!

  6. summersetbanks

    Looks like fun and you’ll have great veggies, in the end!

  7. Oh wow! How talented. Sews and gardens! I am in awe. The family gardening gene skipped over me – grapefruit that thrives on benign neglect is the best I can to…and it was planted by the previous owner.

  8. Those are cute overalls–love the color! I’m very impressed that you can still wear something from 2004! That’s fantastic!

  9. Gardening is such an adventure – you never know what will work or not work. I envy you your tomatoes. Here in the north of England the season is far to cold and short for that, though other people seem to have some luck with greenhouses. We need to do wome work to make space for a greenhouse and in any case summer often finds us off on holiday, so I’m torn between growing food and travel. What we plant has to be pretty self sufficient so it looks like mainly green stuff like kale for now.


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