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Silk Porch Pillows Done

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Pillows (for now)

Little X-Dyed Pillow

The threads of this x-dyed dupioni are actually celadon and scarlet and it works so well with the pad cover and plants in the garden.

So I was totally beguiled and used it on both pillows. Both are backed with Form Flex interfacing which turned out to not be as crisp as I wanted for collars and cuffs, shrinks and is spotty in it’s adhesive quality. I’m so glad to find a project that can use it as no interfacing will touch my garments but that from Fashion Sewing Supply

The large pillow took most of the morning to make, far longer than I had planned to spend on it. However I had a deep need to let the creative juices flow for a change.

I cut two 22×22″ squares and interfaced them with the Form Flex. Then I cut two 10×10″, interfaced and used a salad bowl to cut the round shapes from the aqua and bright yellow-gold X-dyed dupioni that looks like bright spring green.

My mistake was to use a spray adhesive too thickly on the back of the circles to attach them to the center of the greenish beige dupioni squares. In some areas the adhesive shows through. I can live with it. I’ve already given up on achieving perfection in this porch project!

Ruthless (but hopefully) Clever Cover Up

I wanted to simulate the embroidery on the store-bought cushions so I spent a good long time straight stitching the “rays” over the edge of the first circle. I started out just eyeballing the random rays lengths but found my eye was not as accurate as I wanted so I placed a pin in the center of the circle so I’d have some point of reference as I stitched and turned, stitched and turned.


However the adhesive bleed-through was too pronounced so I used a decorative 3 step zigzag stitch on my Designer 1 to create random “Squiggles” in a different color thread and stitched over the darker areas. The photo shows the sprayed on fabric protectant is not quite dried yet.

I next applied the back circle using two different sizes of the 3 step zigzag that the Designer 1 so conveniently offers and this time it went much faster! This circle as a few spots that show through and also is not quite dried but I couldn’t be bothered to attempt a cover-up. The day is flying by and I can not justify any more fussing.

ZigZag Sun

I used Highlights Polyester Thread from Superior Threads to do all the embroidery. I am hoping that my tiny stitch length will prevent too many snags as Martini Kitty sharpens her claws. She’s so spoiled that she has refused to sit on these cushions so far. In Cat Thinking that means: how dare you change my favorite nap location?

Chair Pillow

Settee Pillows

So, I will close the sewing for the front porch for now and move on to sewing clothes for my trip coming up in a few days.

It’s been fun to design for the outdoors and to incorporate all the various colors the plants and flowers offer, and secretly I’m sort of glad nothing is perfect. Someone I know has a poolside full of seat covers she’d like to have redone, very inexpensively. Ha ha. I love her to death but I’m not going to accept any jobs right now.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Good for you! (All of it, including the next projects and the not-a-chance non-project.)

  2. OOOOHhhhh C’est beau !!!!!!!!!!! Simply great and beautiful !!! By the way, I had abandoned my knit dress because I thought that the stripes no longer match in the front and that my front band had a gap of 7mm… I looked at it again last night thinking about your advice. First, it is not crooked Yahoo ! and second, it was the last time I declare having done a mistake before letting down the piece, rest for the night and take it again to evaluate calmly the situation the day after. Thank you for making me look at my work differently.

  3. summersetbanks


  4. The pillows are stunning! I have given up on beautiful pillows for my home for now, with two teenage boys who often have sleepovers my pillows are always on the floor and used for sleeping =)

  5. Beautiful pillows, I love the sunburst effect and embroidery.


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