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Rant: Abandon the War on Drugs? No!

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Ok, it’s time to get vocal.  I simply hate Meth and what it has done to our rural communities (did you watch Winter’s Bones?).  Mexico produces even more meth then we do; add in marijuana and we’ve got a real drug factory just right next door.

200 miles from San Antonio as the crow flies, in a coal mining area of Coahuila, Mexico, the Army has recently unearthed a tank hidden in the earth by organized criminals.  These guys are waging a real. serious. war.

Why the US press tells us about the brutal slayings in African nations but not what is happening on our very border is beyond me.  Daily hangings, beheadings, tortures, ambushes of community leaders, etc.  Things you don’t want to know about.

So here’s the latest weapon:  The Monsters, modified heavy duty Ford trucks.

Tank Buried by Organized Criminals Unearthed in Mexico

According to El Blog del Narco:

It is a huge vehicle Ford, Super Duty model, armored with steel plates about 1 cm thick, 7 feet long by 3 ½ feet wide and 3 meters high, with capacity for 12 people, with 2 turrets for shooters.

You can search for El Blog del Narco  on your own but be warned: Mexican-style news reporting is very graphic and they do not pull any punches in trying to protect the public from the gruesome torture and murders that they report many times a day.

How does all this apply to our lives right now?  Well, last week the Mexican Army found a factory that makes these “Monsters”, right across the Rio Grande from Rio Grande City and just up the river from McAllen, Texas

This post you should see because the descriptions of these Monsters is hard to believe.  Check out the photos.

These Cartels mean business.

And, please, I know very few people who read my blog are likely to use marijuana, but if you do, STOP!

No more money to Mexican criminals.


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  1. It’s difficult to know what’s best. If it were not illegal, there’d be no drug lords or drug gangs etc cos no money there. Alcohol kills more people every day than drugs do. It has always seemed nonsense to me to criminalize users. Before I was diagnosed properly, I was a pot smoker. It worked but not without problems I didn’t want. Now I am medicated and many of the same problems I had with pot are back-but not weight gain! I would not go back to pot smoking.

    • Oh, I think there’d be plenty of money spent on legalized pot. There’s a big push on to legalize it here in US, TV is covered with the arguments for it. The hopeful view is that criminals would get out of the game and legit business would take over. I just don’t think that is how it would go down.

  2. it’s awful down there. i have relatives in monterrey (my uncle and cousins. my father is buried there). my kids beg to go visit them again, but i am not convinced it is safe, especially for them, as they look white. 😦

    • My heart breaks for all the people caught in the crossfire. Sinaloa felt dangerous to whites when I lived there in the 70’s and decades later, my Mother lost her life at her condo in Rosarito Beach, just south of Tijuana, to a Sinaloan druggie burgler, proving his worth to the Cartel. Now, I wouldn’t go anywhere in Mexico. Such a loss of a beautiful culture, my heart breaks.

  3. Those pictures are unbelievable, like part of a science fiction movie. I had had hopes of reuniting with my childhood friend (who lives in Cuba) in Mexico, since she sometimes for work travels there. There’s no way I will be making that trip. Such a beautiful country with warm friendly people ( I visited many years ago), it is such a shame.

    I agree with you that the solution is not as easy as legalizing drugs, there are way too many people with very big investments involved.

  4. I agree that there is a huge problem that many are not aware of. My boyfriend is a DA prosecuting drug dealers here in Portland. He also deals with the huge number of heroin deaths we are encountering. Almost all of the heroin we are seeing is out of Mexico and many, if not most, of the dealers are Mexican. A good number of them are forced into this trade via threats on their family’s lives and they are just used as pawns so that the “higher ups” can make millions of dollars.

    Our legislators need to focus on laws that prosecute the dealers and force the users into treatment. Turning a blind eye to drug use will not solve the problem. These addicts will still be searching for money to buy the drugs and, thereby, committing crimes to get it. Private legal manufacturers will not be able to sell the drugs (and still make a profit) at a price that the mexican cartels cannot beat (you have to take into account the slave labor and inhumane wages). Plus, who wants to sell to highly addicted drug users? These users if given an unlimited supply of drugs will kill themselves. This is not something the government and the people should condone and we should absolutely be fighting these thugs and, at the same time, helping those who are addicted to the poison.


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