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KwikSew 3093 Turtleneck

In 2005 I made a poncho from this fabric and it turned out to be extremely warm and cuddly. I reviewed how to make a poncho here It is knitted wool with an acrylic fancy slub yarn running through it. In machine knitting we call this a Knit Weave.

The left over yardage became this new sweater turtleneck the other day. I cut the extra large size because I wanted a big slouchy sweater. The sleeve hems are turned to the outside and show the blacker underside of the fabric


(The exposures below has been messed with in order to make it a bit easier to see the fabric) I LOVE fabric, have I ever said that before?

KwikSew 3093

Sweater Back

The seams were closed with 4 thread serge and a 3 thread cover stitch secures the sleeves and hem.

This pattern has been around for a long time. If cut to my real size it would have slightly dropped shoulders and slight waistline shaping. I made view A and view B provides for ribbing at the collar and cuffs.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Oh my! I love the hair. I had no idea your hair was long and good for you for leaving natural, which i much prefer. The sweater is excellent too. I have never made anything in knit weave other than swatches. I think I have had trouble getting a less than stiff drape.

    • Colin, it would be knit EON on a standard gauge and the acrylic yarn is very limp and caught every 3 stitches or so. The animals will love getting their toenails into this fabric (grrrrr)

  2. Super sweater. Oh, that hair! Love the hair.

  3. I love the sweater knit! The color mix is fabulous. It’s definately great for a dreary winter day!

    I so wish I had the guts to divorce my hairdresser. You wear the grey well but on me I think it would age me too much. I’m only 54. Maybe in 10 years!

  4. I LOVE that sweater – what great colors, and it looks fabulous on you! And of course, your hair is beautiful!!! I didn’t divorce my hair dresser, but she did convince me not to color my hair when it grew back in. Every once in a while I toy with the idea, but Barbara keeps saying to me, “Ann, I’m happy to take your money, but if I had your hair, I’d leave it natural.”

  5. First thing I saw was your hair!!! LOVE IT! It is gorgeous.
    AND, I am done done done….my course/training of course, so now I am job hunting or will be in a little while. For now I am taking a break to breathe.


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