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Sewing and the Winter Veggie Garden

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I see mud in my future. It’s time to turn my sewing to gardening clothes for both cool and warm weather. I’ve collected a few overall patterns but haven’t compared them yet. I save jobs like that for bedtime reading material.

Overall patterns

Tops should be plain, long sleeved, but easy to roll or push up, tees and shirts from cotton, microfiber and technical fleece. Even bandanas will be in order to cover the back of my neck and my hair. Everything must be easy to wash and come out of the dryer with no need for ironing.

So how did the garden fare this past winter here in zone 7a?

Here it is in December 22, 2012 covered with the best floating row covers I could imagine: the fleece stash 🙂 It was light weight and dried quickly when laid across the fencing. Thank You, Stash!

Fleece Stash

Here it is covered and anchored after a windy, freezing, snowy night January 31, 2013. This was the last time I actually used the fleece row covers

Garden covered in anchored blankets

Here it is, March 19, 2013

garden in early spring

I learned that unless the temperatures dropped into below 24 or wet heavy snow was in the forecast, I didn’t really need to cover it. It wintered over quite well, as did the weeds. The plants needed no babying after all.

Dutch late cabbages are leafy and the most tasty when sliced up for slaw or sauteed then rolled in philo dough and baked. The heading cabbages taste wonderful too but are better for storage. We haven’t stored any except in the ground.


The Brussels sprouts never grew much before frost and they went rather dormant over the winter but are starting to grow again with the longer days

brussel sprouts went dormant for the winter

The carrots and spinach survived covered lightly in hay but uncovered like the cole crops

carrots and spinach

Happy spinach


Even the dead looking broccoli plants gamely has sent out new shoots

broccoli shoots

Garlic, hard and soft necked varieties, survived with just a light covering of hay


Elephant garlic is putting on new height

elephant garlic

Soon, I’ll be clearing and planting for the summer harvests. I have not tried to start my own seeds this year. I just don’t have the space without having to move trays constantly. I’m probably going to regret this decision but sometimes I am just too lazy to do it all. Know what I mean?


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Nice! We got 8 inches or so of snow in Boston area today, then it turned to rain, then it turned back to snow, then to sleet, then to snow again. Now it’s just cold. No gardening here for quite some time, I’m afraid!

  2. Hoo boy you are WAY ahead of me Mary Beth! I need to get moving on gardening.

  3. Amazing that you can overwinter crops like that!

  4. Hi Mary Beth, interesting use of your stash. I wish we could be doing that but it is still snowing here in the UK. Latest snow I remember in years. Not so much of the sunshine either. Hoping for nice Spring now.


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