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McCalls 6244 Tee Shirt

McCalls 6244

I cut the medium size out last week and only sewed it up yesterday. I raised the front neckline by 3/4″, widened the sleeves by the same and used a pivot and slide method to add 1.5″ to the hip width. This is a colorful but thin cotton jersey ripened many years on the shelf. I only had a yard so this is it.

Real life: broken refrigerators, stripping floors, kitchen reorganization and a surprising flea invasion have tried to take over but have been conquered (almost). Frontline Plus is not working. It’s down to flea combs, traps, baths, and daily vacuuming of everything. They’ve invaded the neighborhood. I have one word: rabbits. But I blame almost everything on rabbits so don’t trust me on this. It could well be slacking humans.


About Mary Beth

I am fascinated by changing patterns and colored threads. I sew garments and am teaching myself to machine knit. Since selling the building that housed my workrooms, The Stitchery, I'm searching for a place to set up the knitting machines again. There must be room here somewhere!

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  1. Theresa in Tucson

    When we were in Kansas we had a big problem with fleas. The local hardware store had what I call “flea sprinkles” that you dusted into your carpet and then vacuumed up half an hour later. The sprinkles contained an flea hormone growth inhibitor that broke the flea reproduction cycle. We are fighting a tick invasion here in Tucson and are doing much the same but ticks are harder to get rid of than fleas. Good luck.

  2. Great! Nice summer colours – you look so sunny in this tee!

  3. Indeed lovely colors on you. Good luck with all the ‘real life’ situations.

  4. That is stunning! I love the fabric and I love the colors on you!

  5. It’s interesting, we just had the exact same problem of frontline plus failing. Just today some friends mentioned the same thing happened to them. We have our three on year round FP because two go to doggy daycare. Also I live in Michigan, we insects are not quite as pre leant as the south. We ended up dosing them with vectors 3d.

  6. I’d say that fabric ripened perfectly! the colors are divine with your skin and hair.

    As for the fleas, I have to use both some stuff that they spray on the yard, and use Advantix. Ticks, ugghh!
    If you have a rabbit problem, it sounds like the rabbits need to have a feline problem. Seriously, the only rabbit problem that we have is the cats chasing them in to traffic.

  7. This supports my theory that allowing stash to marinate sufficiently is an art. Great tee, fits perfectly! I have been dealing with fleas myself. I bought this house last October, and the lab pup that previously lived here left not only holes in the yard and a wobbly fence (from trying to jump it, according to neighbors) but fleas. The place was exterminated just before the closing, so I came in to dead fleas everywhere. Like pepper on the bathroom floors, and in all corners. I pulled up the carpet in February and replaced it all, and I’ve done one round of bombing since. I don’t see live fleas, and my dogs are treated, but every six weeks or so I get a new round of dead fleas in all the corners and under the furniture. I assume these are old eggs that are hatching and then dying from residual insecticide? BTW, vet here says lot of resistance to Frontline in my area, put my dogs on Sentinel. Don’t know how that matters, but.. K

  8. Those colors are beautiful on you and just right for this time of the year.

  9. Have you had damper weather than usual? That’s supposed to increase the numbers. Ugh! I sympathise. On a happier note, the t-shirt looks lovely. Really suits you. Interesting that you took the neck up a bit? I am finding all store bought Ts are really too low for me now, unless it’s crew neck, and I don’t like those. Happy flea spraying.

  10. I once had a terrible flea problem. Homemade remedy as follow: mix equal parts 20 Mule Team Borax and non-iodized salt. Sprinkle everywhere, on carpet under sofa cushions. Then sweep the mixture into the carpeting. Wait 24 hours. Put moth balls into vacuum cleaner bag & vacuum. Ahhhh… sweet relief!! Had the exterminator 2 or 3 times… no lasting effect. The home remedy worked! First time!! Lasted!! Love your blog Mary Beth!!

  11. This is the prettiest tee! I am wanting to go downstairs and see if my stash has something similar. Good luck on eradicating your unwelcome guests!


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