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Vogue 8915

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Quick post today. I have been sewing, or was before I needed to make a quick business trip this week. This is a study of results from sewing V8915.

This is a very heavy tencel pant in Extra Extra Large, nice and flowing but a bit overly large wouldn’t you say?


This is a linen pant done in XL and linen top in Large, extended out to XL at the hips.

XL pants, top is Large, to XL at hipsBack


This is a very lightweight rayon in Large with the hipline curve removed. Sorry for the blurry pix, and the garden dirt. These pants have been worn quite a bit already.


I cut the back piece at XL to keep the pant full


On all the pants I pegged the lower leg and hem down to the Large cutting line.

The top is much roomier than I want through the shoulders so next trial will be a medium. I bought the pattern in both size offerings. Off to the sewing room!

ADDED 7/29 Here’s the pattern illustration and line drawings. The hem for the XXL is 17″ on the pattern. I narrowed them all to 15″


Advance 4236: Sister-Wife Lounging

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I have permanent press fabric I bought to make shirts for my husband but then found better fabric so with yardage sitting on the shelf and hot weather nightgowns and bed jackets on the mind I paired some cornflower blue cotton with a 1946 Advance pattern

I call it my Sister-Wife creation.

Believe me, it was worse before I adding shaping to the bed jacket. And now I remember why I don’t like permanent press: it doesn’t press well, has zero drape and it stains quite easily.

I don’t believe many more words are necessary:

Envelope front

Envelop back


Pattern piece-No seam lines, holes for marking

Gown Back Gown Front

I elongated the top stitched darts at the shoulder by 1.25″ and 1.5″, nipped the side seams at the waist, and added released darts below the bust. That actually helped remove some of the boxy, cover up and look sexless aspects of the shape.
Bed Jacket

side Front

Gaely got a haircut but I didn’t
Gaely got a haircut but I didn't

And for those that don’t let the prudishness of my new Sister-Wife lounging ensemble keep them far away, I’ve got a surprise:



PS: my honey needs to get new glasses.

Why Plants and Not Sewing?

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Two reasons: It’s a special time of the year for plants in TN. Here’s one of my favorites: TN State Tree, the Tulip Tree in bloom:

State Tree: Tulip Tree Blossom

There are more gorgeous TN countryside photos in the Tennessee Beauty set on Flickr from last night’s attempt to understand my easy-shoot camera’s newest failings. The photos, while not the sharpest are still beautiful.

I even found some of my Evening Primrose, Pink Ladies, as they are called around here, growing along the side of the road, Escape Artists from someone’s garden. TN has a number of Onenothera that are considered native
Pink Ladies growing on the roadside

and two: I am not sewing at the moment because I have enough Springtime clothes for my lifestyle already. Most of what I wear is made by me and apparently I’ve been busy for the last number of years.

I also had lost a lot of weight in the past few years and now have gained it all back so I have clothes that fit whatever size I am currently needing. Thank goodness, though, that I have regained the weight. I can finally eat almost everything that I like and I have absolutely NO BUTT when I lose weight. My dear friend Lorna Newman said when she saw a pix of my baggy behind: Wow! I don’t think there’s an alteration that can fix THAT. And another friend suggested the Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog type of padded fanny panties. Hehehehehehe. Well, now I don’t have that kind of worry. At the moment, anyway.

But the temperatures are going into the high 80’s today and it’s time to look at cool cotton and linen and easy-care styles. I need to make gowns for lounging in the evenings and sensible, loose dresses for the daytime. Think Muu Muu without the Moo. I don’t want to look early 60’s Florida retiree.

This has been my favorite go-to (reviewed on The Sewing Divas blog) the last few days:


It was made in 2009. Time for some new linen, I’d say.

Patterns? Now that’s the hard part. I just don’t know what patterns I’ll use.

Well, the air conditioning just kicked on and it’s set for 76. I’d better hit the sewing room.

Internet Searches: old women in leggings

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What Da Ya Know

I check my statistics on WordPress’s admin page and there I find the search terms people have used that has brought them to my blog. It lets me know what people are interested in. You all check your stats, don’t you?

Well, this search term I didn’t really want to know about: old women in leggings

Close Up

I guess I should be a good sport. But ewwwww.

There’s creepy folks out there who are NOT interested in sewing their own leggings or embellishing their boring linen summer dresses but I didn’t want to know about these idiots people. Now these shots are getting hit regularly and maybe I’ll have to hide it from public viewing.

Kinda funny, though, in a sad sort of way.

450 Posts

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According to WP my last post is number 450. And I forgot to mention it. Just the same way I have forgotten to celebrate the blogiversary every year.

And I was married for almost 20 years before I finally confirmed the exact date for our anniversary. That’s OK, Husband didn’t know for sure either. We’d just try to go out for dinner sometime during the estimated date.

I don’t know why.

This calls for a glass of wine! Join me?

Tricked! Things Are Not Always As They Appear

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There’s been some discussion about the appropriateness of honesty and critique of sewn garments shown on the internet. My position is that photos and even eyeballing from a distance IRL (in real life) cannot show the salient points needed in the analysis of anyone’s garment making efforts. Here’s a story to illuminate my point:

Sunday evening Husband and I took the Dog for a walk at the local woodland lake park. It was around 6pm and the woods were damp from a light drizzle and beginning to get dark.

Then, something came into view that shattered that dusky softness.

(Please indulge me: I didn’t have my camera with me so I returned the next morning to get documentation to share this story. The light was that of the impending dark so you will have to imagine that night is falling.)

The woods were lush as we walked along the trail

Woodland Trail

when we were startled to see a Mourning Dove in an odd position and motionless on a low tree branch

Bird on a Branch

By its position I thought the Dove seemed in serious distress and I didn’t want to cause it further angst by getting too close

Dove 10-13 ft away

My eyes couldn’t make out why there was a red spot on its neck so I got this close and stood completely still. A healthy dove doesn’t have red spots on its neck. I could only think that it was wounded by gunshot or had a parasite or had suffered a viral attack of some kind. Bird virus? Oh NO!

As close as I dared

Husband and the Dog went to get the car and see if they could find a Park Attendant to help and I stood, silent and keeping my distance, waiting to see if the bird changed positions. Nothing happened for 20 minutes or so but finally my team members returned without finding anyone in authority that might have a way to handle a diseased or injured animal.

We got a bit closer from the opposite side

Close Enough

and finally our eyes were able to pick out the hanger eyelet on the top

Yup Decoy

Yup, it was a decoy! I had been carefully guarding a DECOY. What I had thought was possibly part of an injury was simply some leaf litter that had fallen onto the red spot


We’re not hunters; we hardly expected a plastic bird clipped to a tree branch


We laughed and laughed, so relieved that we were not watching a Mourning Dove die in the woods.

You can imagine that I was very glad Husband had not found a park employee to drag back to see my humiliation!

So, jumping in to make an analysis of the proper fit or hang or suitability of a garment is something I would really, really hesitate to do. It’s been definitely proved to me that my eyes can’t be trusted to discern an ultimate reality. I certainly wouldn’t want something I said, rightly or wrongly, to adversely affect the future work of any anyone.

I’d love to hear what you all have to say!

No Snow, Light Rain, So No Sewing

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We have to do some Mud Play outside instead.

I wish I had known more about roses when I planned and planted the front landscape two years ago. Here, they looked so small compared to the plants we’d removed: Front Porch and here: Bedragged…

We heavily pruned back the Cinco de Mayo floribunda shrub roses and the Coral Drift roses. I have absolutely no idea how to properly prune but we got out the book and tried our best. It’s not pretty YET but here’s what we did:

Shrub roses, Cinco de Mayo, get very large and we found lots of weeds to pull after we pruned
Shrub Roses

They have vicious thorns but my rose pruning gloves performed perfectly

Cinco de Mayo has vicious thorns

We painted all the cut branches with wood glue to prevent intruson into the plant by The Baddies. We raked out the dead leaves and fertilized, watering it in.

This is a heavily pruned and cut back Coral Drift rose. It’s description led me to believe that they were much smaller and more disease resistant than they proved to be. They spred and overtook the front planting, and did NOT respect the dwarf boxwoods planted around them. I may have to move them in the future. (Arghhh) They are so thick it is impossible to weed around them.

Stubs painted with wood glue

and we dug up a dead azalea and a volunteer holly tree to make room in the shade for the Mountain Laurels (Kalmia latifolia “Keepsake”) that were being burned by the sun in the front yard. I hope they are happy here in the cool shade

Mountain Laurels
Mountain Laurels again

We moved the remaining shrub rose away from the front walk way so we wouldn’t have to prune it so heavily. It’s companion had developed rose rosette disease and had to be removed last year. That leaves the front planting unbalanced but right now I don’t have plans to plant more. Our butterfly bushes will have more room to spread now.

Moved Shrub Rose

We more lightly pruned the Wing Ding roses. They are a miniature polyantha, very sweet but have no fragrance

Wing Ding

The only blooming, pretty things now are the pansies


and the dogwood


There is so much more to do but I have to get some commercial sewing done today so I hope the weather allows me to weed and start to mulch tomorrow.

But my hands are nice and smooth thanks to Bag Balm and those really great gauntlet rose pruning gloves. I found the Onion pattern 1045 Anarok worked very well in the light rain, too. I hung it to dry before putting it away in the closet. Wool is a wonderful fabric 🙂