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B5215 View C

Let’s finish this pattern up and move on, OK? I’m pretty sure I have some friends who are moaning: “not another scrub! Give us something more fashionable!” As well they should. What I’m making these days are my uniforms for daily kicking at the house and running to the store.

So this is the last of the Cheap, Fun, and Easy series, which is not to say I won’t still be sewing cheap fun and easy, I just won’t show you scrubs tops all the time.

Front view and the reason why I bought this questionable fabric with Westies wearing red bows, and apples and doo-dahs: my little photo bombing Westie dog and constant companion of almost 15 years, Gaely GoLightly.

Front of View C

Back view

Back of View C

I was surprised by how this version turned out. It looks almost like a tunic.

I tried not to stray too far from the pattern. I again cut an extra large. I lowered the neckline by 3/4″, shortened the shoulder by 1/2″ and shortened the neckband by .5″. Then I shortened the band by another 1″. It didn’t help much.

Maybe it was my fabric. It has an old feel and I think it’s a 1980’s fabric. It has a stiff hand from the dye. It’s a very stretchy cotton with lycra or elastine. And has a goofy print. Husband really didn’t want me to buy it. LOL Turns out he’s got quite a good eye for classy fabrics. Not this, in other words.

Anyone who makes this pattern will have to make sure they’ve cut any of the version’s necklines long enough to fit over your head and will have to be ready to shorten the neckbands by how ever much necessary to give a smooth finished edge.

Some say they make the band 2/3 the length of the neckline opening. I am the touchy-feely type so I test with my hands. And therefore I knew in advance this wouldn’t work too well. But it’s OK for my purposes and better than what you can get at a yard sale.

Closeup of neckline

So that is B5215, View C. And the end of scrubs.


B5215 Connie Crawford 3 Basic Tees

I’m working on pulling together pieces from the past few years and sewing up short cuts of fabric I’ve not had the time to sew for the past (mumble mumble) number of years due to commercial sewing, business or garden work and taking time to get over cancer, as well.

This year the garden did not fare well with all the rain and cool temps so I’m sewing up what I have intended to sew for the past 10+ years. The heck with food, we’re just going to have to plan on going to the store this winter.

Using B5215


I’ve made view A in a stretchy rayon lycra, on the shelf for so long I don’t remember any details

Fern Leaf Top
Fern Leaf Back

and view B in a cotton sateen with lycra from Michaels Fabrics many years ago.

Sateen Top

Sateen side

I cut each of these at the XL size and then had to take really small seam allowances. I don’t buy clothes so I have no idea what size I’d buy and Connie’s sizing is different from the regular Butterick sizing. Did I take my own measurements and measure the flat pattern? Why, no, I didn’t. I have no clue why I didn’t. I went from the measurement sizing on the pattern and expected more ease. But she’s a technically correct one, that Connie Crawford is and that’s exactly why I wanted to use her patterns.

Surprise! My fabric choices are not regular tee shirt fabrics. Oh well, I made it work.

On each tee I lowered the neckline by 3/4″ and took a 3/8″ seam in the neck binding. I made View B without any other modifications to the pattern. On View A I shortened the shoulder length by 1/2″.

So, now for version C, with all the ease of a “regular tee shirt”, I have no idea how it will fit. I have some cute but “questionable” fabric to use and I’ll cut the same XL and lower the neckline and shorten the shoulder length by the same 3/4″ and 1/2″ respectively and we’ll just have to see what comes of that.

I like how these two pieces have paired up with other items so far.

Aqua Fern Top with McCalls 6247 made 2 years ago

Aqua Top

Sateen Top with linen pants, both just made this week. The pants pattern as it has evolved from Vogue 8915 first cut in July

Cotton Sateen Top (B5215) and Linen Pant (V8915)

The Olive Top made from Vogue 8915 looks great with the new light green linen pants

Olive Top and Spring Green Linen Pant

The Vogue 1364 Warm Weather Jacket made in August works with them both

Olive Coat, Top and Pants

Back to the cutting table for version C and I have another linen pant to stitch up from the evolved slouchy pants pattern.

I have plans for a safari style short sleeved jacket in linen and an Issy Miyaki tunic in dupioni planned beyond that.

I love it when a such a long term plan comes together!