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Cutting Table Raised

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In all my years of sewing I have never had a cutting table at a proper height for my 5’2.25″ frame. I now have a table set at 36″, right at my waist. I had to dance!

Happy Dance!

Thanks, everyone, for all your suggestions for raising a cutting table! Wonderful ideas, all. I got a few minutes with my husband and we decided to try the leg sleeves of PVC on my husband’s Mother’s old dining table if we could find the correct interior diameter of PVC.

Tonight my husband brought home eight 2.5 inch in diameter PVC pipe, cut to 25.5″ long sleeves to fit over the highly profiled table legs.

2.5" diameter PVC pipe with bolts at 6.5"

The table has two drop leaves and one insert leaf so it is very versatile for a small space. A hole was drilled through the pipe, offset so that the leg would sit on top of the bolt exactly 5.5″ from the floor.

2 Drop Leaves

Our main concern was finding PVC with the proper interior measurements that would let it slip over the legs and not grip or be sloppy. We found the 2.5″ diameter would have an interior measurement just approximately .025″ larger than the widest part of the legs themselves. Perfect! The table top is now at 36″ from the floor.

Raised from 29.5" to 36"

In this configuration the table top measures 62.5″ x 43.5″ and is covered by a mat gridded by inch to 36×56.

Old Dining Table
There’s now even more storage space under the table. Ah, so now I can finish making a certain husband’s new shirts.

This worked out just right.