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Hazards of Valentine’s Day Expectations

I wish I had taken my own advice yesterday and not had any expectations for Valentine’s Day. I thought I was safe from letdowns because DH and I were acting on plans previously agreed upon and were going to go out for a fabulously romantic dinner. We get so little time for romance.

I would wear the ball gown that he had only gotten to see during the construction phases, along with the “secret weapon”, jewelry, coat and shoes. I had, if you remember, had to attend the Fur Ball alone while he was on a business trip.

He would make dinner reservations at a nice place and we would go at a time that would allow us to get our late afternoon chores done and still have time to bathe and dress. I can’t eat too late at night because I have a bad case of acid reflux and suffer greatly.

So, we had reservations at 8 pm at a well recommended restaurant new in town and arrived a bit early for dinner. Unfortunately we entered a door that led to the “lounge” where we stood for 5 minutes untill a wait person came up, heard our story, told us to stay right there and rushed off to tell the maitre d’ that we were here. We stood. And waited in our coats.

We were standing next to an empty table for two and another 5 minutes passed when yet another wait person approached and told us to sit there. We said we wanted to sit in the warm dining area, have a proper dinner, and listen to the acoustical guitar and that we wanted to wait in the dining room. She rushed off only to come back later, sitting us at that table “temporarily” and offering to bring us wine but she had no idea where she could find a wine list. She hollared across the room to someone who she intro’d as “the real bartender” who couldn’t find a wine list either. I ordered brandy DH a mixed drink which we drank in our coats because we were seated next to the door.

An hour passed.

We had seating conversations with two more people including the maitre d’, until I got impatient and went to see the dining room. Twice. On the second trip I discovered that they had seated every person who walked in. There was one table for two available next to the guitarist. As I picked the salt and pepper shaker up off the chair and we sat down I related the story of ordering two unwanted drinks and an yet undelivered appetizer. The appetizer was brought but there was no silverware so the guitarist stopped playing, introduced himself as the husband of the owner, explained that they had to rely on unreliable employees, and went to get our silverware. Then he promptly quit playing and went to drink in the lounge.

After moving to a table that was not so drafty and I could finally take off the coat we got dinner at 9:45, half cooked. How do you half-cook a lobster, just wave it over some steam???

So that was our one romantic night away from the cares of being small business owners and managing employees.

It was the same old conversation but we did have it while being well dressed.


Secret Weapon(s)


High hip accented by pantyhose waist:


No underwear:


Oh ho! well, I wasn’t going without underwear but I got an idea to look around for something that would completely slim without the lumps and bumps of long line bras or the waist indentation cause by panty hose.

Spanx High Waisted pantyhose completely improved the dress’s fit and style. Perfect! The high waist did roll toward the end of the evening, though, when I got into a corny mood and did The Twist. I was with my two male friends and a few other single woman but most attendees were couples so I didn’t dance except for these few minutes of madness.

I also tried very hard to buy new perfume for my elegant night out. Lucky Magazine and Vogue have had samples of Lucky 6 that are crave-making. Upon testing in the store, the fragrance did not last nor did it “wear” well. Too puny!

Chanel’s Allure brought the usual queries and complements and remains a favorite.

Aftermath of Silk Obsession

I am not sewing today. Well, maybe not. I do owe some orders at the company. Hello-o-o-o-o-o to reality!!!

But it was so nice not to wake up with a mental list of things to do on the dress.

Things I didn’t do and it didn’t matter:

    I didn’t hem the sleeves, left the selvedge edge.

    I didn’t tack down the facings, they didn’t seem to need it afterall

    I didn’t sew in the shoulder pads, I used double sided tape.

    I used the double sided tape to secure the top of the sweetheart neckline to the bod, and felt so much more secure!

All these fine tunings of the dressmakers art really would have been wasted on this crowd afterall. I saw boned bodices held tighter with safety pins, gowns from the early 80’s, fluffy frou-frou baby blue bridesmaid dresses, totally wrinkle-y bias seams, a couple of crotch shots from a young dancer doing high kicks with a cut away hemline….

Oh my! and these were “nice” people.

But today: devotion to home and animals and catching up with TheSewingDivas! What thoughtful, intelligent posts have been happening over there while I’ve been covered up in silks….


The Final Product


Not perfect, but good enough. I had lots of compliments and found myself wishing I could have redesigned dresses for three quarters of the women at the affair.

Maybe I should open a custom shop to the public after all. It was so frustrating to see RTW on the 302 people who attended the affair. I only saw one knit dress and it was superb!


My friend Els helped me remember the manufacturer of that fabulous coat fabric: Glenoit!

Wazoodle still has a few yards of the pattern that Els had purchased.

It is a wonderful fabric and very warm, fine stuff!

Quickie Coat

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get pictures of the whole outfit together tomorrow since the home computer is not behaving well, so I’ll show you the Quickie Coat just finished here at The Stitchery

Coat Front:


Coat Back:


Quick and Warm Fleece Coat

Fleece, thick luxurious wonderful fabric from Wazoodle a couple of years ago, this “fleece” is a deep pile with a knit backing. No lining necessary!

The back panel:


The front panel(s):


The sleeves and maybe a hood:


I may use a pattern (if I can find it) or I may just cut freehand. No time to line and probably no need since the backing is lovely, smooth and polished.

I am looking for the pattern I used in this review but I don’t really want that styling because of the looseness around the neck so I may just grab a shirt pattern and expand on it, so to speak.

ETA: Ah, found it, I’m cutting away………